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This Deloitte report examines the role and potential of Process Robotics in shared services and Global Business Services (GBS). Process Robotics is an innovation that will transform the landscape of transaction processing due to the speed and simplicity of implementation, its scalability, its accuracy and rapid payback periods. This report will help shared services and GBS leaders provide more clarity about the vast potential of Process Robotics.

Our recent online survey finds there has been a sharp increase in the number of organizations that have investigated Process Robotics and that a significant number of organizations have already implemented or piloted Process Robotics. It is now a viable, proven solution for Shared Services and GBS organizations. However, only 9% of organizations have actually implemented Process Robotics and 74% of survey respondents plan to investigate the technology in the next year. Process Robotics meets or exceeds expectations in terms of financial benefits delivery and reality tends to outperform expectations even further with non-financial benefits, like accuracy, timelines and flexibility.


Example cases of Process Robotics

Deloitte also looked into examples of the current deployment of Process Robotics, as well as the experiences of organizations with this technology. A few examples of the benefits organizations have achieved are:

  • A major bank delivered a reduction in error rates from 30 percent to almost nothing for a highly data-intensive process.
  • A professional services firm delivered improved turn-around times for standard management reports thanks to overnight processing of files by Process Robotics.
  • A professional services company delivered improved management information that enabled it to understand their Key Performance Indicators better and communicate more positive and constructive messages to its customers.


Please find the downloadable PDF to read the full report and learn more about the key lessons from the survey and Deloitte’s direct client experience.


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