Process Intelligence


Process Intelligence

The answer to client challenges from a process perspective

Whether you are on the verge of going through a strategic business transformation or experiencing inefficiencies at a shop floor level, processes are an inherent part of every business issue. With Process Intelligence Deloitte brings together a structured and hypotheses driven approach, rigorous analytics, industry experience and a combination of best practices from various methodologies. The result is a flexible, comprehensive approach to unlock the full operational potential of your organization through a process perspective.

What we offer

In today’s business environment you may encounter disruptive industry and regulatory trends, experience a financial turn-around, seek a change in business portfolio or accelerate towards a globalized operating model. In this turbulent world, Deloitte’s Process Intelligence capabilities help you to counterbalance competing strategic priorities like:

  • Growth vs Productivity – How can we achieve controlled growth? How can we maximize productivity?
  • Adaptability vs Quality & Control – Can we maintain controls, quality standards and align customer channels while making our business dynamic flexible?
  • Efficiency vs Service – How can my organization optimize both customer satisfaction and cost metrics? How can we enhance the customer experience with our current capabilities?

We believe that processes are an integral part of each of these strategic challenges. An improvement strategy focused on processes is important because it helps to reveal and address the root causes of an issue as well as a web of associated business issues.

Why it works

Process Intelligence is a capability to take process improvement to the next level:

  • The PI capability is a structured, hypotheses driven approach to accelerate process analyses and value identification 
  • The approach is supported by a robust framework that is characterized by a strong analytical foundation and leverages data analytics capabilities
  • It combines best practices from various process methodologies such as LSS, BPM, and TQM and leverages a combination of these to the client specific need.

It brings greater industry depth to clients through sector-focused eminence and industry tailored delivery support tools.

Our global network of Process Intelligence professionals draws on the strength of Deloitte’s full suite of professional services and industry leading experience to focus solutions on the real issues affecting businesses today.

How we work with you

We understand that the discussion around processes often takes place in a broader strategic platform. Our approach to realize quick and sustainable results is designed around six guiding principles:

  1. Use a collaborative working style to ensure buy-in on all levels
  2. Design from the outside in, approaching this from the viewpoint of end-users, customers, channel partners and external development
  3. Get potentially siloed functions on the same page by integrating process, technology and human capital
  4. Get clarity on metrics and value right from the start by aligning metrics to business objectives (can also be included into the pricing strategy)
  5. Use tooling as a basis to rationalize complexity, restructure, or simplify processes
  6. Deliver sustainable improvements until initial benefits are delivered and conditions to sustain those benefits are implemented

Our experience in delivering value to our clients

We have extensive experience in Process Intelligence programs, both national and international, and a strong track record in various industries for large multinationals to mid-size organizations.
An example of previous experience is a case study for an international retail and commercial bank. Their need was an improvement of efficiency ratios by reducing the cost structure and growing the revenue. Based on stakeholder interviews with branch field representatives and initial data analyses a number of 15 hypotheses were defined of which 8 were tested during the measure phase of the program. The resulting analysis gave the bank a detailed look at its branch sales operations. A number of recommended improvements have been implemented addressing true causes, such as rationalization of performance metrics and standardized and improved sales conversations and profiling. One of the innovative solutions that we can provide to you is Process Robotics (also known as Robotic Process Automation, or RPA), follow this link if you would like to know more about this offering.

More information?

Would you like to know more about Process Intelligence? Please contact Ivo Rothkrantz, Ellen Nijs or Karen van Monsjou.


Karen van Monsjou

Karen van Monsjou


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Ellen Nijs


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