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Supply Chain

Improve top-line growth and lower costs

Traditional, linear supply chains are evolving into a set of dynamic digital supply networks, allowing dramatically increased differentiation. No matter how innovative or well-conceived your business strategy, if your operations can’t meet the mark, that strategy can never become reality.

No matter how innovative or well-conceived your business strategy, if your operations can’t meet the mark, that strategy can never become reality. Deloitte’s Global Supply Chain practice focuses on delivering practical, strategy-driven value through advisory services that optimize, reinvent, and improve the supply chain from end to end — design, plan, source, make, and deliver. We tackle organizations’ most complex issues by drawing on global capabilities that span all areas of business strategy and operations and industries including Consumer & Industrial Products; Energy & Resources; Financial Services; Technology, Media, & Telecom; and Health Sciences & Government.

Supply Chain Strategy

Deloitte’s Supply Chain Strategy practice helps organizations create, refine, and implement supply chain strategies that support an overarching business strategy. We work with you to understand your current supply chain performance and capabilities and your future requirements to develop a supply chain strategy and transformation roadmap that addresses the future operating model (people, process, and technology) as well as network design and trading partner relationships, supply chain risk management, and M&A-related opportunities.


Supply Chain Planning

Deloitte’s Supply Chain Planning practice helps you effectively manage and synchronize customer demand, supply chain assets, and working capital to drive and deliver improvements in customer service levels, supply chain costs, and working capital. We assist organizations with end-to-end supply chain planning vision definition, process development, supply chain flexibility, service/repair planning, system implementations, performance metrics, analytics, organization design, and change management.


Manufacturing Strategy & Operations

Deloitte’s Manufacturing Strategy & Operations practice drives improvement within the core operational links in our clients’ value chains, including M&A environments.  We help our clients define their manufacturing strategy and align their production systems and supplier relationships using lean methods, analytics, and design for manufacturability to transform operational capabilities.  By reducing waste and increasing responsiveness, agility, and returns on net assets, Deloitte prepares its clients to compete and win in the rapidly changing, increasingly complex global marketplace.


Sourcing & Procurement

Deloitte’s Sourcing and Procurement Practice has a proven track record of tackling these challenges and enabling our Clients to sustain measurable and impactful results. We support our Clients’ sourcing aspirations by partnering to create and execute tailored strategy through execution approaches that consider short versus long-term value tradeoffs, knowledge transfer, culture change, and capability building. We deliver rapid and meaningful results by helping our Clients optimize their indirect and direct spend needs through spend diagnostics, capability assessments, global category strategic sourcing, operating model and organization design, technology enablement, contract risk and performance management, and mergers and acquisitions.


Logistics & Distribution

Deloitte’s Logistics & Distribution practice works with organizations to determine the most effective strategy and practices for moving the required product to the required place at the required time.  We help address issues such as distribution network strategy, logistics outsourcing strategy, sourcing of third-party logistics (3PL) service providers, logistics operating model, transport optimization, distribution operations and facility design, order to cash process optimization and transportation management systems.


Product Development

Deloitte’s Product Development practice works with organizations to improve their product development related capabilities in order to improve product quality, reduce time-to-market, and drive increased return on their R&D investment. We can assist you with product and project portfolio management, new product development and change management processes, cross-functional development collaboration, organizational efficiency, product data management, and technology enablers.

Use data analytics to maximize supply chain efficiency

From data via insights to actions

Organizations often struggle to guarantee an agile, flexible and transparent supply chain that is capable of coping with a continuously shifting playing field. An increase in complexity comes along with an increased amount of available data. Using this data to maximize supply chain efficiency is not straightforward – however necessary to make informed decisions. It requires selecting the relevant data, assuring a steady flow of accurate data, and translating the data into useful interpretations. In this article, we explain a case in which Deloitte supported a world famous designer of seasonal consumer goods to improve on time, in full delivery of their products by using advanced analytics.

Logistics: technology is redefining the retail supply chain

Dutch Real Estate Predictions 2016

For retailers competing for online market share, a key differentiator is how quickly and efficiently they can get their products to customers. As the delivery promise becomes more important and, at the same time, increasingly complicated, real estate strategies are changing fast.


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