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17th Century VOC-ship sets course for an interactive future

Docking the Amsterdam

VOC-ship the Amsterdam is buried seven meters in the sand. It remains intact to this day, including its’ original cargo, awaiting to be uncovered together with all the stories it beholds. Project team member Joey Duis, Senior Manager Deloitte Digital, shares his story.

Joey, can you tell us why you wanted to work on this project? 
“I believe this ambitious and unique project deserves a website as good as the project itself. Therefore I think it is fantastic to put my creativity and expertise into action for this cultural cause, which will also have an impact on my hometown Amsterdam. We have got a lot of creative freedom so we can really create something extraordinary!”

How does Deloitte Digital contribute to ‘Docking the Amsterdam’? 
“At Deloitte Digital, we always have the end-user in mind. 'The Amsterdam’ has the potential to highlight both the history and innovative vision of the future. These are two great ingredients that will take visitors of this website on an interactive adventure.“

In which way can you use your Digital DNA? 
“My background is in marketing and communications and I have some experience developing visual storytelling websites. As we don’t see these kind of projects at Deloitte regularly, it makes it extra fun for me to cooperate with the creative and engineering team for this project. “

How do you see the future of the ‘Docking the Amsterdam’ from a digital point of view? 
“I expect that we can elevate the experience even more by extending to mobile phones. Perhaps by using augmented- or virtual reality technology. This could really enrich the physical exposition of the ship in Amsterdam.“

What is the highlight of this project for you?
"Deloitte Awescar! The case film, which was created to give the organisation an impression of the new website, won a Deloitte Awescar. This was a great boost for the team!”


Joey Duis - Senior Manager Deloitte Digital
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