Building Bots with Kids

Inspiring children to develop themselves in the fields of robotics and RPA

Nowadays it is extremely important that kids learn about technology to create additional future opportunities. Deloitte Impact Foundation’s Building Bots with Kids initiative teaches just that and inspires kids (aged 10-15) in a playful way, by making use of LEGO and software robots.

Building Bots with Kids

The goal of Building Bots with Kids is to lower the threshold for accepting technology and to prepare children for a future within which everyone will be expected to at least possess a small understanding of technology. Colleagues Nikie van Duurling started this initiative which is supported by the Deloitte Impact Foundation.

Nikie: ‘Our sessions are for children aged 10-15. We want to take away the "fear" that programming is not for them. Your education does not necessarily have to be technical, but you really need to know how to use technology if you want to function well in our future society. We visit schools in the far reaches of the Netherlands. Ygrain has developed a track on which we first let the children play around with LEGO robots for half an hour. But we focus on the software robots.’

Ygrain: ‘I think it is nice to see that children who are not very accustomed to technology are inspired by our trainings. We bring technology within their reach.’

Video Building Bots with Kids

Deloitte’s Building Bots with Kids team visited a school in Amsterdam to teach kids more about robotics and RPA.

Virtual sessions

Unfortunately, the regular Building Bots with Kids sessions cannot be facilitated due to COVID-19. We would continue to reach, teach and inspire kids, especially during these difficult times. Therefore, we organize virtual Building Bots with Kids sessions. We would like to invite your kids, nephews, nieces and cousins between the age of 10-15 years old to join us!? Feel free to sign up now! The sessions are hosted in Dutch and English. Please note that there is limited availability for each session.

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