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Making Deeplo AI future proof

Helping a social coding school to establish itself as an organization via the Deloitte Impact Foundation

Colleagues Amelie Schuler and Vincent van Hamersveld from Deloitte’s Consulting practice Analytics & Cognitive and their team successfully finished off a Deloitte Impact Foundation project to support the social coding school Deeplo AI on their way to becoming future proof. Over several months they helped Deeplo AI, that was established by Mehmet Dogan, to understand possible organizational structures and find the right one for Deeplo AI - including setting-up a holistic business canvas.

Data science for refugees

Over the last few years, the data science industry has been booming. The demand for talent is greater than the supply on the job market reflected in countless open job positions on recruitment platforms. At the same time, there are high numbers of newcomers in the Netherlands that did follow higher education in their home country and had been successful in their careers, yet they cannot easily find a job on the Dutch market. Looking at current CBS statistics, one and a half years after obtaining their residence permit, only approximately 12% of refugees are able to find employment of which 90% can only find temporary or part-time contracts. Moreover, 70% of them are working below their education level, with many holding Masters degrees or even Doctorates. 

Deeplo AI

This was the reason Mehmet Dogan founded Deeplo AI in 2018. Their main mission is to help people from underprivilege groups, such as newcomers to the Netherlands, better integrate into the Dutch job market by equipping them with the skills that are highly in demand in the workforce. On launching, Deeplo had a lot of interest, with over 100 applications to the program.

In the first year, Mehmet was able to support over 20 newcomers by leading them through a data science and machine learning curriculum, which include online courses, assignments, milestone and capstone projects, weekly discussions and coaching, mentoring and guest lectures from corporate data scientists. 

Creating a future proof organisation

However, the initiative was solely based on Mehmet’s own engagement and resources. It soon became clear to be sustainable for the future and eventually scale up, a solid organizational structure, and future vision were necessary. For this endeavor, Ahmet and Ali, both recent graduates of Deeplo AI joined the Deeplo AI leadership adding to it their experience in finance, business, and management.

When the team around Mehmet approached Deloitte, the project was set up and a strong, multi-disciplinary team from across Deloitte was gathered: James Atkinson and Kardelen Cepni (Business Model Transformations), Lala Mustafazade (Risk Services), Juliet Meijer (Global Employer Services) and Jan Sivicek (Forensic and Financial Crime)

'Five years from now, I see Deeplo AI as a prominent data platform in the Netherlands and beyond. Being a team-player of this organization, I never forget the contribution of the Deloitte Impact Foundation to the establishment and development of Deeplo AI. In this way, Deloitte has provided precious vision and strategy to Deeplo AI. Thanks to Deloitte for its guidance.'

-  Ahmet D., Deeplo AI

Deloitte expertise and support

In the following months we supported them across five key themes:

  1. Business structures: Guiding them from a legal and tax perspective on the most effective business structures (profit/non-profit) according to their value proposition and long-term vision;
  2. Business model canvas: Co-creating the full blueprint of their business across several workshops from revenue and cost to key activities and partners;
  3. Competitor analysis: Helping them to understand current market competitors and Deeplo’s existing differentiators in those markets;
  4. Start-up and AI advice: Colleagues with previous start-up experience guided Deeplo to accelerator and innovation hubs where they could receive additional support and potential investment. Our AI subject matter expert also discussed current market trends and the potential for AI to solve challenging business problems;
  5. Roadmap: Overview of the key practicalities and actions over the next three months from setting up the business to recruitment activities.

Looking back, looking forward

After two intensive workshops and close cooperation, even if only virtually possible due to the current situation, Deeplo AI decided to continue their path as a hybrid organization with a non-profit foundation for the educational part and a profit business to have participants gather data science project experience and provide services for clients.

The whole team of Deloitte and also Deeplo AI are looking back on a successful project and we are keen to see how Mehmet, Ali and Ahmet are progressing with the roadmap and the hybrid organization. We are really looking forward to hearing of their progress and are confident they will succeed with their ideas!

'The team was really trying to understand our aim and help out as much as they can. This was not only at the professional level but also at a personal level.'

- Deeplo AI


'It was also useful in terms of networking and getting the latest insights from the business environment and the AI market in general.'

- Ali K., Deeplo AI

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