Deloitte has opened the Artificial Intelligence Center of Expertise


Deloitte has opened the Artificial Intelligence Center of Expertise

In order to meet the rapidly increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence, Deloitte has opened the AI Center of Expertise (AICE) today. With AICE, all the AI expertise present within the organization is now gathered in one place.

6 november 2017

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Deloitte has been focusing on this new technology for a while now. In fact, Deloitte is working on dozens of AI-related projects at the moment, both internally and for clients. A good example of this is TAX-I, a tool for tax experts (prototype).

TAX-I is an AI-powered analysis tool that provides insights into European Court of Justice case law through network visualizations, automatically generated case summaries, statistical analytics and in the nearby future even predictive models. In the hands of a tax law specialist, this tool gives them the power to form unbiased opinions on legal questions.

Marjolein Vlaming, AICE Program Manager, says: "AICE brings together a group of 80 AI experts. The combination of deep technology, security & legal expertise and an up-to-date knowledge of what our clients want, enables us to effectively put AI to work for organizations."

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