Deloitte opens Blockchain Center of Expertise


Deloitte opens Blockchain Center of Expertise

The rapidly rising demand from the business community for blockchain technology applications has prompted Deloitte to open the Blockchain Center of Expertise (BlockCenter) today. The BlockCenter is where all of Deloitte’s blockchain expertise is accumulated.

5 July 2018

                                                                                                           Dutch Version

Around one hundred experts from Deloitte Netherlands have joined the BlockCenter community. This number is bound to grow considerably in the near future. Deloitte’s global blockchain network encompasses well over a thousand practitioners.

Deloitte Netherlands has a dedicated team of blockchain programmers, experts who are deployed across all disciplines - from Audit to Financial Advisory and from Risk Advisory to Consulting and Tax & Legal. “This is where our strength lies”, says Toon Segers, partner at Deloitte and responsible for the blockchain practice.

Toon: “The abundance of knowledge Deloitte has available is sure to provide our clients with the proper advice on how they can use blockchain technology. But also whether blockchain offers the right solution for their problem and if an alternative could be more effective.”

Blockchain beyond the hype

This remark embodies how Deloitte views blockchain technology: use blockchain wisely and it can be highly valuable. But blockchain is not a silver bullet and it shouldn’t be treated as a solution to all of your problems.

“The hype surrounding blockchain technology right now has created outsized expectations”, according to Jacob Boersma, senior manager of Deloitte’s blockchain team.

Jacob: “And yet I’ m convinced blockchain will earn its place in the years to come. Already supply chain, asset management and property businesses are definitely benefiting from its practical applications. And this is where we come in to support our clients. Deloitte’s unique combination of experience, technical expertise and knowledge of legal, tax and compliance aspects allows it to look beyond the hype.”

Deloitte and blockchain

Deloitte regards blockchain one of the most important growth areas for innovative propositions. Therefore Deloitte plays an increasingly prominent role in the blockchain ecosystem. For example, Deloitte is consulting partner of the Blockchaingers hackathon (the world’s largest blockchain hackathon) and Deloitte is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

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