Deloitte opens Digital Garage in iconic Citroën building


Deloitte opens Digital Garage in iconic Citroën building

Deloitte Digital invests in digital maker space for clients and attracting new creative digital talent

Today, Deloitte Digital signed the agreement for its new Digital Garage at Building 1962 in the Olympic Amsterdam. The concept of client co-creation and space for creative talent is at the heart of this new studio, which will open in 2018.

5 October 2017

After half a century in service Deloitte will house a modern “Digital Garage” in the Jan Wils designed Citroën showroom. It will become Deloitte’s creative hub in Amsterdam. It will offer a space that inspires consultants, creatives, engineers and its partners like Apple, Adobe and Salesforce to develop new digital products, services and capabilities in co-creation with its clients.

Their work will be driven by the aim of combining the best design skills and latest augmented reality, mobile, IoT and blockchain technologies to develop products and services that will surprise and delight.

Service Experience

Building 1962 was chosen for its history and the fact that it has always led the way in contemporary workplace design that inspires. As Stephen Ward, Deloitte Digital Managing Partner explains: “We hope to breathe new energy in the way we serve clients in the digital era. Don’t tell me but show me and co-creation: that’s what our clients are asking for.”

According to Stephen Ward: “We will work closely with our partners to develop the Digital Garage and use new technologies, including IoT and AR. For visitors it will be a chance to experience the future. And our talents will have even more opportunities to shine, experiment and encourage each other. It’ll become the place for co-creation, prototyping, experience and innovation.”

Creative Digital Consultancy

By launching its Digital Garage Deloitte Digital is profiling its identity within Deloitte and outlining its ambitions in the market. Victor Hoong, partner Deloitte Digital, comments: “After recent acquisitions like creative agency Acne and Market Gravity we have the aspiration to create a new segment in the market and become the #1 Creative Digital Consultancy agency in the Netherlands. The investment in our new studio and recruitment of an extra 100 digital talent demonstrates this.”

Follow Deloitte Digital’s Garage

The opening of the Digital Garage at the Building 1962 will mean Deloitte Digital has 46 studios around the world.

You can follow the Digital Garage’s progress via Deloitte Digital’s Instagram account (deloittedigitalnl).

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