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Driving internationalisation that works

An interview with Mario van Vliet (COO)

Businesses the world over are looking to address the complex challenges of an increasingly globalised world. At Deloitte, our strategic priority is to seek internationalisation by intensifying seamless cross-border cooperation. According to Deloitte Chief Operating Officer Mario van Vliet, internationalisation meets the needs and aspirations of a broad range of stakeholders, including clients, employees, regulators and society at large.

“As a global professional services firm, the basic expectation is that we deliver consistent quality irrespective of the country or geography we’re in,” says van Vliet. “That’s why as of June this year we
are so excited to have formally integrated the new North Western Europe (NWE) organisation. We can now ensure we’re serving our clients as efficiently as possible across multiple jurisdictions, and to the same standard.”

Van Vliet acknowledges that internationalisation can be a challenge for any large organisation that is already successful in its local market, which is why the establishment of any new structure will not be without challenges, which must be addressed. Deloitte has begun its integration process by identifying and recognising its local success factors. It is managing these through a Connected+ Autonomy model to ensure local connectivity to clients while leveraging its possibilities as an integrated firm.

“We’ve gone about this in a systematic and transparent way by acknowledging the factors
that drive our success on both sides – local and international,” he explains. “The integration will affect the personal careers of our partners and some of our employees, so it’s vital that we don’t oversell what we’re doing, and we make sure that they themselves are driving the decision-making process.”

In September 2016, partners in Deloitte Netherlands and the eight other NWE countries; UK & Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, voted overwhelmingly in favour of merging their entities into a single NWE member firm as of June 1, 2017. The firm has a focused NWE strategy led by a NWE Executive team and overseen by an NWE Board to ensure Deloitte’s focus remains on serving its clients at home and abroad.

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