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From disruption to innovation-led growth

An interview with Peter Bommel (CEO)

It has never been more important for companies to have agile innovation systems at the centre of their strategy. Innovation speeds have increased exponentially among Deloitte’s clients in recent years, with almost every market sector undergoing some form of disruption by digital technologies. According to Deloitte Chairman of the Executive Board Peter Bommel, keeping pace with Deloitte’s fast-moving innovative clients and helping them lead has become one of his greatest imperatives.

“When innovation goes up, we have to shift gears too,” says Bommel. “In a first instance our duty is to be a sparring partner for our clients’ executives, but we also have the opportunity to create value-adding products and services around new technologies.”

Providing innovation advice and supporting client innovations based on experimental technology or digital transformations, has become a market differentiator. Clients’ increasingly recognise Deloitte’s ability to drive innovation through its services, among others, Risk Advisory Services, M&A, the dedicated services of Deloitte Digital, Center for the Edge and Deloitte Innovation B.V.

“We’ve been investing in our own innovation for years now, and the results are there to see,” says Bommel. “For example, our Process X-Ray solution, which was originally developed by Deloitte Innovation B.V., now makes an important difference when attracting key audit clients in the UK and US, -- it’s greatly appreciated by our colleagues there.”

Bommel anticipates that the new North Western Europe (NWE) organisation will enable Deloitte to better leverage its knowledge, resources and networks to the benefit of its clients. It will also allow Deloitte to bring innovations to the market based on a wide range of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Blockchain.

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