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Meet the participants

of the Deloitte Future Academy programme 2019. Watch their video portraits below

The Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Future Academy’ gives refugees a valuable network. Four participants of the 2019 programme share their dreams for the future in their video portraits below.

Introducing our Deloitte Future Academy participants 2019

Meet Alaa

Alaa was amazed by the development chances and the company culture at Deloitte. The Deloitte Future Academy programme helped him to build his network and pursue his professional career and dreams. Watch the video to find out which great news he has to share!

Meet Omar

Omar was looking for a financial network to kickstart his professional career in The Netherlands. In this video he shares how the Deloitte Future Academy has helped him to do so. Additionally, he shares his latest accomplishments on the road to success!

Meet Samina

From job interview trainings to coaching and personal development. Samina has learned a lot during the Deloitte Future Academy programme. Her passion is helping people and also becoming financially independent in The Netherlands. Watch the video to find out how she is continuing her career path!

Meet Cemal

Seven months ago, Cemal started his data science course to study newly emerging social trends and social movements. The Deloitte Future Academy programme gave him a feel of the business environment in The Netherlands. Now that he has completed his course, we can congratulate him on his next step!

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