Hybrid working as the new standard


How Deloitte is moving toward hybrid working as the new standard

7 points for happy hybrid working

The way we work has changed. Hybrid working will be the new standard: a mix of working remotely and working at the office. To optimize this new way of working, a seamless meeting experience - regardless of location - is essential.

That is why Deloitte introduces a temporary Hybrid Meeting Floor to their employees. On this floor, 10 hybrid meeting concepts are being tested. The Hybrid Working Floor has been developed by Deloitte Innovation. 

Introducing the Deloitte Hybrid Meeting Floor

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Our hybrid floor sparked enthusiasm of several media outlets in the Netherlands. Read or watch more about the floor:

Het Financieele Dagblad



7 points for happy hybrid working

Going forward, our ambition is to create an optimal work experience for our  employees by combining the best of office-based work and virtual work. We commit to make the work life balance more purposeful, productive and flexible. Our post-pandemic hybrid model will be centered around the following principles:

1. We connect in person when it matters

2. We provide inspirational collaboration and meeting spaces

3. We make good use of virtual working

4. We leverage innovative, collaborative technologies 

5. We prioritize well-being

6. We travel and commute less, to reduce our carbon footprint

7. We trust our employees to decide where tasks should be best performed

Download the 7 principles to incorporate them in your organisation also.

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7 points for happy hybrid working
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