Impact Week at Deloitte

A week that spotlights the Deloitte Impact Foundation and introduces our colleagues to the many things we do.

Last week we had the kick-off of our first Deloitte Impact Week within one of our business lines: Risk Advisory. During this week, we contributed to some of our Deloitte Impact Foundation initiatives and helped a few standalone charity projects - making a positive impact on society.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation

We focus on 3 main pillars with the Deloitte Impact Foundation: Sustainability, Education & Employment (WorldClass), and Inclusive Society. Within these pillars, we either give our colleagues the opportunity to start their own projects, making an impact through their own capabilities and expertise, or we connect with organizations and NGOs that need help and who we support with scaling and innovation solutions. During this Impact Week, we focused on giving our colleagues the chance to do good with activities at organizations that we have a connection with through the Deloitte Impact Foundation. The activities that we did are related to either one of these topics: environment, children, refugees, food, and elderly. These topics correspond with our main pillars.


We organized a Planting Trees Day for kids at a nursing home in Amsterdam. Together with 30 primary school children, volunteers from connected organisations. All kids and volunteers showed a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The kids created groups and connected with the Deloitte/USF volunteers while the volunteers of Hoek assisted everybody with the planting of the trees. The kids could plant multiple trees, after which they made a card with their name and the name of the elderly to whom they donated the tree to. The group was incredibly enthusiastic and motivated: we planted around 60 trees in less than 2 hours.


Building Bots with Kids is a Deloitte Impact Foundation project that helps children familiarize themselves (primary school) with new technologies in an accessible and playful way. During the Impact Week the Building Bots activity took place at three primary schools, for six different classes, involving over 140 children. Together with more than 20 colleagues, we helped children in exploring Robotics in 2-hour interactive sessions. Florence, who facilitated the Building Bots session in Amsterdam: “I have rarely stood in front of such a devoted audience, and it was great to see the children’s enthusiasm once a Bot is successful, and their energy and drive to continue programming with the most creative ideas.”

Another activity was with JINC, a Deloitte Impact Foundation partner. We hosted a workshop about ‘Bliksemstages’: 2-hour-internships at different schools around the Netherlands. During the workshop, 12 colleagues worked on preparing for the internship. In the mini-interships, which will take place soon, we are going to explain what it is that Deloitte does, which different kinds of jobs there are within Deloitte, and what kind of education you need for this.


Does moving to a new country influence the way you approach a job opening? Is there a way for Deloitte professionals to help prepare people from different backgrounds to be ready for the Dutch labor market? These were questions that were addressed during a workshop that was held for refugees at the Edge in Amsterdam. During the workshop, our recruitment colleagues shared tips and tricks on preparing a resume and provided tailor-made feedback to each participant. We gave conversation skill training, practical tips for job interviews and talked about our professional experiences, career paths, and personal stories.  At the end of the workshop, we gave the refugees the option to take a professional photo to add to their resume or LinkedIn profile. Yuqi was one of the organizers of the workshop: “For me, this is an unforgettable experience in life. It reminded me of how privileged we are in the Netherlands: how precious it is to have a job and to be able to work in a safe environment.”


We have organized multiple activities for the Food Bank Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which gave our colleagues the opportunity to contribute to the Food Bank. It also gave them a chance to get in touch with the volunteers and customers of the Food Bank and to get a better understanding of what the Food Bank is doing and why this is important. Marijn van Beek was one of the volunteers: “Helping the Voedselbank Amsterdam was an eye-opener. Seeing how a group of volunteers work together to help such a wide range of people in need is really inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity to close our laptops and make direct impact!” Together with all colleagues, we donated 22 full crates of food to the Food Bank. With this, we can support 30-40 people for at least 7 days.


During the Impact Week, Team Elderly aimed to address two issues that are known to affect the elderly: digital crime and loneliness. Digital safety is an important topic that often receives little attention among senior citizens. Meanwhile, isolation has made it even harder for seniors to stay connected. Throughout a series of five interactive workshops, we addressed both issues. We brought together the young and old, to raise awareness towards digital safety in a fun and social way. We organized two types of training: one for the elderly themselves and several train-the-trainer sessions, where ‘digital buddies’ (elderly and students who help (other) elderly in navigating the digital world) were given the tools and tricks to help seniors surf the web in safety and self-confidence. Throughout the week we trained over 120 people with a team of 22 colleagues.

Going forward

It was an unforgettable experience for all the Risk Advisory colleagues who participated in the activities, as it has shown us what we can do together to make a positive impact on society. Participating has broadened our views and has thought us how we can make a difference. We are committed to continue to make an impact via more business lines through the Deloitte Impact Foundation; on to many more in the future!

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