It is with great Pride…


It is with great Pride…

Pride 2018: we are there. And we’re there with a mission.

Diversity and Inclusion are of great importance to Deloitte. Diversity and Inclusion allow employees to be themselves, without fear of conscious or unconscious exclusion. It means having respect for others who think differently. It means our culture not only acknowledges these differences: it embraces them, respects them and recognizes their added value.

Therefore, Deloitte Netherlands is very proud to be part of Pride 2018. On 4 august Deloitte will sail along with the Amsterdam Canal Parade with its own boat.

The legendary Canal Parade

A total of 80 boats sail through the Amsterdam canals during the Canal Parade. The overarching theme of this year's parade is 'heroes'. Of which Deloitte’s adaptation is: we are all heroes and winning by being our true authentic self.

Deloitters Larissa Snoek and Tim van der Pas about the participation: "For Deloitte this is a great event and a fantastic opportunity. We are very proud and honored that the organization of Pride has awarded us with a ticket to the canal parade. Our participation exhibits that Deloitte embraces diversity regardless of origin, religion or sexual preference.”

Being you authentic self

Larissa and Tim are members of GLOBE, an initiative within Deloitte that connects people who share affinity around LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). Both people belonging to the LGBT target audience, as well as people that do have affinity with this (allies) are welcome to participate.

The main goal of GLOBE Netherlands is to create an environment where people can be ‘their authentic selves’ and can be who they truly are, without feeling pressure to hide or to excuse themselves. We strongly believe in an inclusive culture where people can put maximum energy on making impact for their clients and working on their personal development, without putting energy in being someone who they not really are. Having a diverse workforce will make Deloitte stronger, more impactful and more fun to work together with people that contribute with different strengths, views and backgrounds., with Pride

This week, the homepage of Deloitte Netherlands is decicated to Pride Amsterdam. You can find our other Pride publications below.

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