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Cyber security for Momo Medical

Providing start-up Momo Medical with cyber expertise to support healthcare professionals in nursing homes and hospitals– powered by the Deloitte Impact Foundation

Professional Mike van der Boon is part of the Cyber Security team within Risk Advisory at Deloitte. On a daily basis he supports Deloitte’s clients with various cyber related issues. Additionally, he started an Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative to support a start-up in the health care sector by sharing Deloitte’s expertise on a pro-bono basis.

Momo Medical

Start-up Momo Medical supports nursing homes and hospitals in providing personalized care while saving valuable time of healthcare professionals. Momo Medical operates in the healthcare industry where strict data security policies apply. For a start-up company, it is challenging to have access to specific knowledge and testing capacity with regards to cyber security. Deloitte’s cyber security expertise enabled Momo Medical to have cyber security of their innovative health technology in order in an early stage.

‘Thanks to Deloitte’s great advice and problem solving skills the application test was completed successfully. As a result, we can scale our data projects with confidence and be a reliable partner for hospitals and nursing homes.’

Thomas Bakker - Chief Security Officer Momo Medical

Innovative health technology

The BedSense, Momo Medical's innovative health technology, provides insights to nurses about the patient's status. This allows nurses to make informed decisions to avoid injuries due to fall incidents or decubitus. The BedSense determines the patients’ status with innovative IOT sensor technology. Smart algorithms translate this data into actionable insights for nurses to be at the right place at the right time. 

The application behind the BedSense was one of the main focus parts of this initiative. As access portal to the data, it’s one of the most sensitive elements regarding information security. A pentest was performed to identify possible vulnerabilities and propose solutions. In combination with general information and security advice the solutions were then applied to the application, mitigating the identified risks.

A rewarding experience

Mike van der Boon, Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative lead: ‘It was a great and rewarding experience to be part of Deloitte’s mission to make an impact that matters. Using our expertise on cyber security, we were able to remove the hurdle for Momo and help them implement best practices on product security. Allowing Momo to focus on their most important task: innovating healthcare!’ 

The Deloitte Impact Foundation

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