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‘Being part of The Ocean Cleanup is truly energizing’

The Ocean Cleanup Core team

Deloitte has been supporting The Ocean Cleanup since 2017. Every year, dozens of Deloitte colleagues across all functions put in their boundless energy and best expertise to support the non-profit organization with selected projects. Their mission? To help The Ocean Cleanup rid the world’s oceans of plastic. “It is great to see an important organization as The Ocean Cleanup evolve from a start-up into a scale-up, and be able to support them in this journey.”

“As Deloitte, we want to make an impact. Not only on our clients, but also on society. The Ocean Cleanup is an organization that fits our purpose very well”, says Alie Snijders, Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting and Core team lead. “Plastic pollution in our world’s oceans and rivers is a big environmental, economic and health problem. A ticking time bomb. The Ocean Cleanup conducts global research and builds scalable cleaning systems for oceans and rivers. Since 2017, we support The Ocean Cleanup through a partnership with the Deloitte Impact Foundation. And I am very happy we renewed our partnership for another three years last year. Being part of The Ocean Cleanup is truly energizing.” Jorg Schalekamp, Partner at Deloitte Consulting agrees: “It is a privilege to be leading the partnership with The Ocean Cleanup and I am very proud of the impact we have made the last 5 years with the full breadth and depth of Deloitte capabilities.”

More than 10 engaging projects

Every year, Deloitte colleagues from all businesses can spend 3,000 hours in total to support The Ocean Cleanup. “Last year Deloitte executed more than 10 engaging projects for The Ocean Cleanup, varying in size and duration. From enhancing the CRM system to helping the HR practice, and from researching the cost of doing nothing to providing tax or audit related expertise. The projects that we do for The Ocean Cleanup are very diverse, but always tremendously interesting”, explains Ugur Yuksel, Consultant M&A at Deloitte Financial Advisory and part of the Core team. “As the Core team we manage the road map. We are the link between Deloitte and The Ocean Cleanup, the funnel where all communication comes together. We staff the projects with the required capabilities and keep an eye on the status. We try to involve all functions within Deloitte, which is a great way of working together.” 

From plastic pollution to funky sunglasses

Contributing to the mission of The Ocean Cleanup is something all members of the Core team call satisfying. Michael van Osta, Senior Consultant Operational Risk & Transformation at Deloitte Risk Advisory and part of the Core team: “During holidays in Asia and South America I was shocked to see how polluted with plastic these regions are. That is why I decided to contribute. Working in Risk Advisory is great, though the strategic level of our work makes the true impact of our work sometimes difficult to visualize. Supporting The Ocean Cleanup through the Deloitte Impact Foundation is truly fulfilling. We can contribute and experience from up close how complex it is what they do. Most people think they just hoover plastic out of the ocean. But it is not nearly that simple. Plastic in all sorts and forms can be in the water for days, months, years and even decades. To process these different qualities of plastic into granules with which something new and useful such as funky sunglasses can be made, is absolutely amazing.” Jorg: “It is very inspirational to work with The Ocean Cleanup, driven by purpose and true entrepreneurship.”

Together we can help

When asked about the future, the Core team answers in superlatives. “We hope The Ocean Cleanup will become so successful, they are not needed anymore. But until then, we would like to continue our support”, Alie says. “Over the years, The Ocean Cleanup has developed from a relatively small start-up into a next level scale-up. With more than 90 employees they are scaling up the river solutions as well as further developing the ocean system. And now that The Ocean Cleanup is entering into more partnerships, we hope this will allow for an even faster scale up and create intriguing new projects in which we can contribute. 

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