This is how you can enhance Diversity & Inclusion today


This is how you can enhance Diversity & Inclusion today

When it comes to fostering diversity and being truly inclusive, it is not always obvious how you can quickly make a difference yourself. We asked around within our D&I networks and offer you 14 useful tips that you can put into practice right away.

Within Deloitte Netherlands, there are three communities that address the importance of a diverse & inclusive culture: Cultural Diversity, GLOBE and the Women's network. We asked them: what can everyone do right away to make a positive impact on diversity & inclusion?

Small, everyday actions that make a difference

Their response brought us the following list. By performing these small and everyday actions, you can help create a culture in which everyone feels welcome.

  • Show genuine interest in your colleagues, especially in the ones you don’t know that well.
  • Smile at others.
  • Ask yourself: ‘Would I treat her differently if she were a man?’ or ‘Do you treat this person differently because he/she is different from me/has different interests/has a different cultural background?’
  • Do not judge others.
  • Speak English when international colleagues are around and be the one to suggest a group switches to English so that everyone present can follow the conversation.
  • Try not to make assumptions about how someone else prefers to work or interact. Consider having one-on-one meetings or debriefs after large group discussions to see how your team is actually feeling.
  • Before scheduling events or meetings, consider others and their schedules, diets, language, location, setting and communication style.
  • Challenge yourself to not use any gender-related pronouns or words for a day. If your colleagues ask you questions such as ‘do you have a boyfriend at home?’ when in fact you have a girlfriend, this makes coming out even more difficult.
  • Make teams as diverse as possible – don’t always work with the same people.
  • Have an open conversation with a person you have not talked with before. Show sincere interest, be curious, ask about things that are new or different to you.
  • Ask expats about the cultural differences they have come across.
  • Celebrate others’ work and acknowledge how differences add value to the team.
  • Make an effort to understand multiple viewpoints and aim to work with those who think and behave differently from you, and/or have different beliefs.
  • If you notice someone being left out or being treated unfairly, speak up. We are all responsible for the culture in which we work.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about Diversity & Inclusion at Deloitte? Within Deloitte Netherlands we have three communities addressing the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture: Cultural Diversity, GLOBE and the Women's Network.

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