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UNLEASH - The story of Shauna Jin & Rogier de Jong

Looking back at UNLEASH 2018

As part of Deloitte's global WorldClass initiative, Deloitte is collaborating with UNLEASH to bring together the brightest young minds to develop new solutions to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read the story two of our facilitators at UNLEASH 2018: Shauna Jin and Rogier de Jong.

For the second year in a row, Deloitte was the lead innovation partner of UNLEASH 2018, which took place from May 30 until June 6 in Singapore. This annual summit brought together 1,000 inspiring young people from around the world to develop actionable solutions to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Deloitte sent a global team of facilitators to deliver a 5-day SDG Innovation lab for the participants. This lab took the participants from ideation through to action, and culminated in an award ceremony where a number of winning solutions were showcased and awarded funding or consultancy support to bring their SDG ambition to life. 

During UNLEASH 2018, Shauna Jin, Service Design Lead at Deloitte Digital and Rogier de Jong, Senior Consultant Innovation at Monitor Deloitte, were two of nineteen facilitators for the SDG 12 track on Sustainable Production and Consumption.


Why were you interested in UNLEASH?

We both have backgrounds in sustainable production from Delft University of Technology, although we didn’t know each other before the event. Nowadays we both work in innovation.

Rogier: UNLEASH combines the best of two worlds: innovation challenges and the purpose of the sustainable development goals. Facilitating innovation teams is my daily business, although not on this scale, and with such a diverse group of people.

Shauna: UNLEASH brings all of my interests together in one event - working on sustainability through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and using creative facilitation to bring many cultures and disciplines together in an innovation process. During my Ph.D. I set up studios where designers and producers could collaborate toward local sustainable innovation in Vietnam and Cambodia. That’s my jam.


What was your role at UNLEASH?

We were in the same team: SDG12, responsible production and consumption, a topic that matches our experience perfectly.

Rogier: As lead facilitator I was responsible for the entire group of 120 talents and eighteen facilitators. Last year my colleague Joep Arends was in this role, and I proudly took over his role this year. The job included daily innovation trainings for the large group of talents, supporting the facilitators spread across campus, and the best part: doing “gate checks” together with Shauna.

Shauna: I took on a few roles, from coaching teams in the sustainable production sub-theme, to playing one of the four gatekeepers that checked in where teams were in the innovation process and whether they were ready to pass to the next gate/phase. Throughout the process, we guided teams to back up their process with logical and clear thinking.


Which of your professional skills did you apply & how?

Though we’ve never worked together, our teams often collaborate within Deloitte. During UNLEASH we saw the complementarity of our approaches with Shauna representing the end user and stakeholder perspectives and Rogier representing the business viability and technical feasibility perspective.

At each gate, we challenged the teams to think from the perspective of the user, the business, and how to deliver the product or service.

From the user perspective we asked:
● Does the end user really “need” the solution, or is it a technology or policy push?
● Will end users be moved from awareness to action?
● Will end users adopt or buy the end solution, e.g. download the app?

From the business perspective we asked:
● What value do you create?
● What partnerships need to be developed?
● Who’s paying?

From the delivery side we asked:
● What key assumptions need to be proven?
● What part will your team play in delivering the product/service?
● What’s the minimum viable product/service? What’s the plan in 6 months to 1 year? 


What impact did UNLEASH have on you?

Rogier: It was intense in a good way. It is great to see teams challenge and improve themselves. It reinforced my belief that the way to solve big issues is through unpacking them in a smart and actionable way. I am definitely going to promote this in my daily work back home.

Shauna: Working together with so many smart and passionate people was inspiring. I learned a lot from the talents and from my fellow facilitators. I realized that I bring value to the process by encouraging teams to look at their processes through a human centered innovation lens.

We both came back exhausted, and energized to continue work on sustainability. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Shauna Jin | Service Design Lead Deloitte Digital
Shauna Jin | Service Design Lead Deloitte Digital
Rogier de Jong | Senior Consultant Monitor Deloitte


More information

For questions about Rogier and Shauna's experience at UNLEASH 2018, please contact them via the details below. For general questions about UNLEASH or Worldclass, please send an email to NLFoundation@deloitte.nl.

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