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VOC: Docking the Amsterdam

An article series with 4 different perspectives on the project

Foundation 'VOC Ship Amsterdam' and the Deloitte Impact Foundation are taking steps to store a sunken VOC ship and transport it to the home port of Amsterdam. Four members of the team share how they are involved in the project, and what impact it has on them.

Perspective 1 | Can one still drink 269 year old wine?

Christel Samson, Deloitte Senior Manager Tax, is the project lead for this project from a Deloitte perspective. In this article, she shares why she started the project at the Deloitte Impact Foundation, what the project entails, how Deloitte contributes, and also some nice-to-knows about the project.

Read the article here.

Perspective 2 | 17th Century VOC-ship sets course for an interactive future

Joey Duis, Senior Manager Deloitte Digital, believes that a unique project as "VOC: Docking the Amsterdam" deserves a website as unique as the project itself. A case video, developed by Deloitte Digital as well, gives an impression of the website and even won a "Deloitte Awescar"! 

Read the article here.

Perspective 3 | To be published on 23-08-2018

Stay tuned for Hans Teuben's article, in which he tells about his story from a Deloitte Consulting perspective.

Perspective 4 | To be published on 30-08-2018

Stay tuned for a mystery perspective...

More information?

For more information about this project and/or the Deloitte Impact Foundation, please send an email to NLFoundation@deloitte.nl.

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