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Foodcoach. Your personal guide to a healthy and balanced diet

How AI powers business innovation and healthy eating

In an ever more complex world, multi-disciplinary collaboration helps us shift towards healthier, more balanced eating patterns. At Deloitte, collaboration is a rule we live by. Connect for impact, as we say. It’s how we worked with Jumbo Supermarkets to create Foodcoach, an app that helps you make your favorite recipes a tad healthier.

Navigating the abundance of products and nutritional choices during a simple stroll through the supermarket can be a daunting task. Jumbo Foodcoach simplifies this process, by helping you swap your favorite product or ingredient for a healthier alternative.

Based on a nifty algorithm, Foodcoach offers personalized nutritional advice, allowing you to shift towards a healthier, more balanced eating pattern.

Together with Jumbo and a team of nutritional scientists, we developed a first protoype of Foodcoach. This prototype was tested by football club PSV and the cyclists of Team Jumbo-Visma, while they competed in the Tour the France (2021). It’s where TV-crews actually captured Jumbo-Visma cyclists scanning buffets, app in hand.

Jumbo Foodcoach: click the photo to visit the official website

Our first prototype allowed each cyclist to stick to a highly-personalized diet. The app literally recommended how many scoops of this and that ingredient where required for optimal athletic performance. Testing the prototype in a highly professional environment provided us with the necessary proof of concept to further develop Foodcoach into a consumer-ready app.

First, our team of specialists had to link Jumbo’s database (containing more than 50.000 recipes) to advanced AI and data-management capabilities. We then built an algorithm, optimized its learning capacity and enabled it to personalize ingredient and product swaps. To do so, our team had to break down recipes into products and products into ingredients, so that the app could, for instance, factor in a person’s gluten allergy. Or make appropriate recommendations – say, whole-wheat pasta instead of regular pasta. 

We’re incredibly proud that Jumbo Foodcoach is now up and running and successful. At Deloitte we’re always committed to helping our partners innovate their business models. We are looking forward to further accompany Jumbo on its quest towards better and more balanced eating. It’s how we make a positive impact on health and the future of food. Together with Jumbo. And together with you.


Connect for Impact.