Future-proof Green Hydrogen

Kickstarting the sustainable hydrogen economy.

Enabling business transformation to renewable energy.

In an ever more complex world, multi-disciplinary collaboration enables the shift to renewable energy sources. At Deloitte, it is a rule we live by. Connect for impact, as we say. It’s how we help NortH2 – a consortium of Equinor, Gasunie, Groningen Seaports, RWE and Shell Netherlands – kickstart a sustainable hydrogen economy.

NortH2 is currently developing the largest green hydrogen project in Europe, aimed at large-scale production of green hydrogen by farming wind at sea. To support a final investment decision in 2024, Deloitte is carrying out a comprehensive feasibility study that will lay the foundations for a truly viable green hydrogen economy. We want and need to make this happen.

Hydrogen will be vital to decarbonizing the global energy system and reaching international climate targets. It will play a key role in replacing fossil fuels in the steel, chemical and building materials (cement and concrete) industries. To make our civilisation climate-neutral by 2050, all sectors of society will have a role to play.

It is likely that hydrogen will always be more expensive than fossil fuels and therefore will need policy incentives to be competitive (e.g. subsidies or carbon taxes). We are confident that such and other hurdles can be overcome. They have to. The success of NortH2 will contribute greatly to reducing the carbon-footprint of Dutch, German and Belgian societies. And to the global catalogue of best practices in clean energy production. These are the sunlit uplands we are bound for.

NortH2: click the photo to visit the official website

At Deloitte we’re committed to helping our partners shape their business operations in a sustainable way. It’s how we make a positive impact on the environment and the future of energy. Together with NortH2. And together with you.

Connect for Impact.