The Virtual Care Platform


The Virtual Care Platform

A solution that improves customer and patient experience

Personalized patient and employee experiences, simplified access to information and streamlined operations — on one unified platform. With a 360-degree view, employees are empowered to create experiences based on member preferences and health needs to drive trust, retention and loyalty and more patient-centered care.

Your challenge

As healthcare becomes more person-centric, consumers demand to be actively involved in their care and become part of the care team; to become part of the experience.

This requires (existing) technologies to present customer experience solutions that allow patients remote access and monitoring, and transform the industry from ‘sickcare’ to ‘healthcare’.

The Virtual Care Platform

Why Deloitte

With our experience, Deloitte tailors the technology to fit with your business processes and guide you through the implementation, realizing the Virtual Care Platform within your organization.

By leveraging our deep health industry knowledge and the hybrid-agile way of working, different previous experiences proved that together we can deliver the Virtual Care Platform MVP within 8-12 weeks.

Our solution

The Virtual Care Platform enables your health organization to provide care across the health ecosystem by supplying a 360 degree view of your patients, engaging healthcare professionals in a user-friendly connected experience and empower patients via communities.

Increased engagement, collaboration and participation of all involved parties will result in integrated care, accessible any time anywhere.

Together with international technology partner Salesforce we realize the Virtual Care Platform. The Salesforce platform is open to integrate with other systems and collaborate with other healthcare organizations. Data can be retrieved and send back to other systems.


Matthijs Boom

Matthijs Boom


We zijn in de Nederland de weg naar digitale zorg ingeslagen. Om de zorg toegankelijk te houden moeten we medewerkers en klanten optimaal faciliteren zodat we zelfstandigheid creëren en tegelijkertijd... More

Jordy van Neste – Nederhand

Jordy van Neste – Nederhand

Senior Manager

Jordy van Neste is Senior Manager bij Deloitte Consulting en richt zich op het gebied van digitale transformaties in de publieke sector. Binnen de afdeling Digital Customer is Jordy verantwoordelijk v... More