Clarifying the mist around successful transformational public sector innovation


Redefining Government Together

Clarifying the mist around successful transformational public sector innovation

The world is changing in a dizzying pace as we are amidst a transformation from an industrial society into a digital one. This transformation puts pressure on citizens, private- and public sector. Mobile, social, cloud, analytics; these macro forces are behind many of the digital technologies that are fueling innovation today.

Rooted in these forces, technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things, industrialized analytics, and autonomic platforms have the power to potentially reshape and transform every corner of the public sector. That said, a lot of the old public institutions and bureaucratic systems which we have built our wealth upon are not well equipped to deal with the new digital society. They are not agile enough to adapt to new digital processes and business models or to cope with the fast changing demands of citizens and businesses.

On top of that a lot of western governments face big debts, while costs are rising because of an aging population. As they are unable to radically transform their service delivery models they are forced to curtail public services as they are today, which dissatisfies citizens further.

This all leads to deteriorating trust in government in many OECD countries. This is a threat as lack of trust compromises the willingness of citizens and business to respond to public policies and contribute to a sustainable economic recovery.

To stay relevant in the future it’s our belief that public sector organizations, regardless if they operate in healthcare, education, central-or local government, will need to innovate at an institutional level. They will need to re-invent themselves and together with citizens and businesses create new products and services that add value in the world of today and tomorrow.

But how? Although a lot of public sector organizations continuously improve their services, they lack the capabilities to innovate at an institutional level. Therefore, based on our own experience, we have defined five building blocks for successful transformational innovation in the public sector.

This document isn’t a handbook that completely guides you through the process of transformational innovation, but it does pull together some of our best Deloitte research and expertise on transformational innovation. It’s meant as a starting point for those people that, just like us, have the ambition to radically change the way public sector organizations organize and off er their services.

Redefining Government Together

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