Design thinking as a tool for new ideas


Design thinking as a tool for new ideas

A workshop around design thinking with CHOICE and the United Nations

In June Deloitte facilitated a workshop for the United Nations Human Rights Council and CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality. With design thinking methodology new ideas have been generated on youth inclusion to solve current problems. Watch the video to learn more.

UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC)

The UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC) is one of the most important mechanisms worldwide to promote and protect human rights, however it has no institutionalized processes in place that ensure that youth voices are listened to and young people’s concerns are incorporated into its policies and decisions.

Ideation event - design thinking

Govlab is the Deloitte brand under which we aim to inspire, connect and accelerate innovation with public sector clients. Thursday 15th of June our Deloitte Govlab NL team organized an Ideation event: a design thinking session with the goal of moving the discussion on youth inclusion in the UN human rights mechanisms to the next level – from dialogue, to innovative and actionable ideas, and to eventually solve problems young advocates often encounter.

The participants included a mix of people with very different backgrounds: 20 youth advocates and people from worldwide NGOs, 20 policymakers from different UN agencies, and 10 delegates from country mission (incl. NL, USA, Australia, Israel, Honduras) joined the session to contribute to the ideation and strengthen support for the outcomes.

Design Thinking methodology

In a 4 hour ‘pressure cooker’ setting we pushed eight mixed teams of 5 people through the Design Thinking methodology. The day concluded with eight 1-min pitches of an innovative idea to improve youth inclusion, ranging from a Linkedin network for youth advocates, a peer2peer knowledge market place, different app-based solution, an annual meetup, podcast series, and a chatbot. The reaction from participants was very positive!

CHOICE is currently investigation which ideas to further develop with interested parties and pilot in 2019.

Watch the video to get some inspiration.

NGO representatives, diplomats and UN officials participated in a workshop in Geneva

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