GovLab Design Sprint: Prototyping method for new products and services


GovLab Design Sprint: Prototyping method for new products and services

A case of the Dutch National Police

Together with Deloitte, the Dutch National Police and Deloitte worked on the challenge to connect citizens and the police via Social Media. Using a design sprint method, within a week a solution has been created. Watch the video or read below to learn more on this method and the results.

Designing chatbot Wout

A design team consisting of a mix of experts from the police and Deloitte has together taken up the challenge to come up with a service that connects citizens and the police 24/7 through social media in combating crimes. The duration of this design sprint was 1 week. The created solution is a combination of a chatbot (named ‘Wout’) for reporting / declaration and an online personal investigation file, which can be shared by the victim via social media with his or her network if necessary so as to carry out joint research.

A first prototype was tested at the end of the week for 5 users and these were all (very) positive overall. Currently, the police and Deloitte are together sprint-based working towards the first live release of this new service. Watch the video below to get a sneak peak of the week. 

What is a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a rapid prototyping method for developing new products and services. A sprint is a short period, often between 1 to 4 weeks, in which a certain piece of work is delivered. A sprint cycle starts with a sprint planning session, in which the team jointly commits itself to the sprint backlog; a list of activities by the team during the sprint. Typical activities are finding answers to open questions, testing hypotheses, collecting data, implementing product improvements, testing with users, and more.

The end-users are always the focal point in these sprints; what are their wants/needs, which obstacles do they experience in their customer journey, and how can a new product/service help them in a desirable way. This means engaging with users from the start in cycles of rapid prototyping, user testing, evaluating and redesigning. This ensures to fail fast and fail cheap in the design of new products and services. At the end of the sprint, the results per task are evaluated in a “pass / fail” test. After the pass / fail test the team starts the next sprint.

Deloitte GovLab - One Week Design Sprint

About GovLab

The Design Sprint concept is part of and developed by GovLab, Deloitte’s public sector innovator. Major innovations are changing society drastically. Also the government will have to reinvent itself. GovLab brings together citizens, public & private parties and offers solutions based on technological and social innovations to key challenges in the field of healthcare, work & income, education and economics. Read more about GovLab.

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