GovLab Innovation Booster


GovLab Innovation Booster

Microlearnings + field training = results

The GovLab Innovation Booster is a program designed to build innovation capabilities within your public sector organization while at the same time creating tangible innovative solutions for some of your most wicked problems.

The notion that the public sector can’t – or won’t – innovate is a myth. Innovation in government occurs virtually every day. However, public sector innovations are rarely transformational. It are often improvements of existing products or services. Besides the fact that transformational innovation within public sector is rare, it also often fails if tried. An important reason with that is that a lot of people within public sector organizations just lack the capabilities. That’s why we developed the Innovation Booster!

Innovation booster is a blended learning solution which combines an innovative learning application for smart phone and tablet with a physical field training in which participants in teams build tangible new products and services which they can directly take to the market. For this they make use of the ‘innovation by design’ method. Via an innovative personalized learning app participants learn about main drivers and trends shaping the future, what innovation is, how they organize for innovation and how they can set up and lead innovation within their organization. During the field training they bring their knowledge into practice.

GovLab Innovation Booster

About GovLab

The Innovation Booster concept is part of and developed by GovLab, Deloitte’s public sector innovator. Major innovations are changing society drastically. Also the government will have to reinvent itself. GovLab brings together citizens, public & private parties and offers solutions based on technological and social innovations to key challenges in the field of healthcare, work & income, education and economics. Read more about GovLab.

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