Transport in public sector


Transport in public sector

We provide public transportation organizations with results that address their unique market challenges: escalating competition, technological demands, and the macro-level demographic implications on how cities and nations are moving people and goods.

Future of Mobility

The entire way we travel from point A to point B is changing. This transformation is creating a new ecosystem of personal mobility, with implications affecting more than just the automotive industry. Our team serves the entire ecosystem of companies working in and around mobility.

Future of Mobility Interactive Magazine

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The governmental role in reshaping the mobility ecosystem

What roles should the government play?
From enacting policy to funding R&D to engaging fleets of self-driving vehicles, government agencies have key roles to play in shaping the new mobility ecosystem. Plenty of questions remain about both the transportation of the future and how the public sector can lead in mobility innovation.

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The Belt and Road Initiative

Impact on European logistics
What is that in the East? Is it an investment policy, a state aid programme? The Chinese Marshall Plan? No it is the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Ruimtewinst in de stad door smart mobility

Bijna 40% minder parkeerplaatsen in 2040
In Nederland hebben we te maken met circa 8 miljoen auto’s die gemiddeld 23 uur per dag stil staan. Daarvoor zijn ruim 14 miljoen parkeerplaatsen beschikbaar, die veel kostbare stedelijke ruimte innemen. Door smart mobility zouden we in 2040 40% minder parkeerplaatsen nodig kunnen hebben. Hierdoor komt ruimte vrij die gebruikt kan worden voor woningbouw (circa 45.000 nieuwbouw woningen) en vergroening van de openbare ruimte (circa 12 miljoen nieuwe bomen). Dit blijkt uit data-analyse van Deloitte naar de impact van deel- en zelfrijdende auto’s op de ruimtelijke ordening in 2040.

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Deloitte City Mobility Index

City’s readiness for the future of mobility
A smart city is a data-driven city, one in which municipal leaders have an increasingly sophisticated understanding of conditions in the areas they oversee, including the urban transportation system. How are global cities faring so far? And which steps can cities take to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades?

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Insuring the Future of Mobility

Auto insurers should be prepared for the new mobility ecosystem
The changing environment of mobility has already been in the spotlights for a while. The mind-set is set for change. Auto insurers should position themselves to take the driver’s seat and adapt to this changing environment, or they could lose the race. In this opinion we reflect on the Deloitte 'Closer Look' study on Insuring the Future of Mobility and put it in a Dutch context with focus on the next three to five years.

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