Deloitte Property Index 2020


Deloitte Property Index 2020

Overview of European Residential Markets

We are pleased to present you the ninth edition of the Property Index, Overview of European Residential Markets. During almost a decade, Property Index has become one of the most important and popular European real estate publications and has acted as a valuable source for professionals, institutions and general public.

Property index analyses factors shaping the residential markets and their development and compares residential property prices across selected European countries and cities. The publication aims to provide you with European residential market data on a regular basis and to answer questions on how Europeans live and at what costs.

Despite the fact that the publication’s focus is to provide an overview of the past year’s development on residential markets in European countries, we could not ignore the current unprecedented situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We included a brief overview of early impacts of the pandemic and related measures on residential markets in the participating countries and their expected future development.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the outlook of the residential market in the Netherlands is less severe than most other European countries. Whereas a stabilization or a small increase in transaction prices in the Netherlands is expected, 16 of the other 22 participants are expecting a decrease in either transaction activity or transaction prices.

We hope you will find this edition of Property index interesting and that it will provide you with insights and information you need.

Deloitte Property Index 2020
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