Real estate: key tool in battle for talent


Real estate steps up as a key tool in the battle for talent

Dutch Real Estate Predictions 2016

While the importance of the physical workplace has been clear to many employers for years, 2016 will see an increasing number looking closely at how well their real estate, location and technology strategies really do support their crucial talent agendas.

February 25, 2016

Aligned talent, technology and workplace strategy

There is a growing recognition that a carefully aligned talent, technology and workplace strategy is becoming increasingly fundamental to attracting and retaining staff, as well as encouraging greater productivity, which goes hand-in-hand with employee satisfaction. This will inevitably drive changes around the real estate purpose, use, location, design and specification of new workplace environment.

Organizations are looking hard at how to fully leverage their investment in staff, in their technology infrastructure and their real estate. With human capital, technology and real estate typically their three highest operational cost items, employers increasingly recognize that balancing the right headcount model, in the right locations, supported by the most appropriate technology, real estate assets and cost base, is key to driving smart growth and enterprise success.

Workplace flexibility

Workplace flexibility is an important factor in job choice. In 2025, Generation Y will represent 75% of the workforce – a generation that believes that greater opportunities for mobile working will improve productivity. Amongst business graduates, ‘a creative and dynamic workplace environment is seen as one of the biggest career attractions. Therefore, we do expect a new focus on a combined and well-coordinated talent, technology and real estate strategy evolving during 2016. The consequences will take a variety of forms. For some it will simply mean a redesign of their existing real estate to reflect changing workforce patterns, while at the other end of the scale it will mean a completely new way of thinking about where and how people work. 

The Edge

Our new Dutch office building contains a variety of areas that allow our people to choose where and how they want to work. Our goal is to foster engagement and collaboration among employees, and in so doing to enhance our client assignments and drive opportunity and productivity within the organization. Rather than allocate one space for each employee, the entire office space is available to all employees when they come into the office, providing collaboration space, quiet areas and enclosed offices as needed. The outstanding architecture is intended to inspire and encourage creativity, collaboration and innovation. At the same time, technology has been used to enable remote and flexible working when necessary. This is not just a move that changes the footprint of our real estate portfolio, rather, it creates high performance ecosystem that encourages the cross-pollination of people, ideas and experiences.

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Dutch Real Estate Predictions 2016

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  7. Real estate steps up as a key tool in the battle for talent
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