The world of work is being disrupted


The world of work is being disrupted

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Businesses are investing in automation capabilities which promise to reduce their reliance on people to perform routine tasks. At the same time, many are considering ways to outsource, or crowdsource, certain operations to increase flexibility and cut down on fixed costs. Whichever way you look at it, traditional roles are being fragmented.

February 9, 2017

The changing nature of jobs

But the changing nature of jobs is not being driven solely by organisations. Employees themselves have evolving expectations of what work should be like: Deloitte’s millennial survey shows a big disparity between the high share of today’s young workforce that would like better mobile connectivity and greater scope to work away from the office, and the much smaller share that feel they have the technology or opportunity to do so. Perhaps it is no coincidence that two thirds of this cohort expect to work for a different organisation by 2020.

A cohesive workplace strategy

In general, however, many of these changing expectations of work are shared by both organisations and their employees. Sometimes the challenge can be implementation of new practices, technologies and approaches. In that respect, it has become clear that the best chance of success lies in considering employees, workplace technology, and the working environment not as separate issues to be addressed individually, but as part of a cohesive workplace strategy.

Constantly in flux

Many forward-thinking organisations are already implementing changes to elements of the way they structure their operations and their employees work, so what makes 2017 a special year for the future of work? The reality is that the nature of work is constantly in flux, but with each new year we see an improvement in the myriad technologies that facilitate this change.

The Edge

The Edge is the world’s most sustainable and connected building, and has been the base of operations for Deloitte since 2014. The building was realized by Deloitte in an exciting partnership with construction, real estate and technology ecosystem partners. As a connected building, The Edge is always improving itself. On top of that Deloitte is taking big steps in its journey towards the workplace of the future. While the building is enthusiastically used by about 2800 users daily, and its features add to the innovative performance of Deloitte Consulting (Gartner) there is plenty of room for further innovation based on the connected infrastructure. Deloitte is a firm believer of continuous improvement in small steps in order to keep innovating on all fronts. Read more in the article ‘The workplace of the future with The Edge 2.0’.

Real Estate Predictions 2017

Real Estate Predictions 2017

19/01 Cyber Risk

26/01 Crowdsourcing

02/02 Smart Mobility

09/02 Future of Work

16/02 Blockchain 2.0

23/02 Standardization

02/03 Ports

09/03 Smart Cities

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