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A look back on the Google Cloud Summit 2019

Moving to the cloud responsibly

This year, Deloitte was the proud sponsor of the Google Cloud Summit Amsterdam 2019 – the Netherland’s premier Google Cloud event. The summit on October 10th was all about discovering new ideas, listening to innovation practices and ‘lessons learned’ from great companies, and engaging with your peers.

At the Google Cloud Summit Amsterdam 2019, new insights and valuable lessons learned on how to innovate effectively have been discussed in great detail among a group of dedicated peers, colleagues and Google experts. The Summit's key topics included conversations on Digital Transformation, Smart analytics and AI, Application development and Data Management, and Productivity and collaboration.

We hosted two break-out sessions during the summit:

  1. Digital Ethics: In our first break-out session we talked about how Digital Ethics has become an important part of the debate around the responsible collection and use of data to ensure the rights of your clients and/or citizens. Digital ethics is about instilling values throughout a company’s operational processes to build transparency and trust of their customers. 
  2. Security in the Cloud: In our second break-out session we talked about how Deloitte helped a large global financial services firm deploy several business applications on the Google Cloud Platform. The goal of this deployment was to meet the security and regulatory compliance requirements of the cloud users. 

It’s was our pleasure to discuss the ethical dilemmas that digital innovations bring and can help realize your goals and bring added value to your stakeholders (including society), and how security solutions can help you meet the security and regulatory requirements.

Read our colleagues' thoughts on our collaboration with Google and watch the Deloitte x Google Cloud – Summit Amsterdam 2019 aftervideo below.

Cloud transformation journey

"We are helping our clients to partner with Google on their Cloud transformation journey, so that we can not only help our clients, but also Google, to perform responsible business. We love to work together with Google because they are far ahead of the competition regarding technology and innovation. I think we as Deloitte can complement the innovations and technologies that Google masters because we have the deep industry insights and the content knowledge - we know what our clients want. That's why we think it's a 'golden combination' and that also allows us to show people that we are the go-to partner for our client within the cloud domain." - Rogier de Wit | Partner Deloitte Risk Advisory


"Our main priority is to help our clients to move to the cloud in a responsible way so they can fully reap the benefits of the cloud while staying in control. Where Google provides world class technology, Deloitte provides world class people and processes – combining these brings a word class solution to the market." - Dave Klingens | Partner Deloitte Risk Advisory



"With regards to the cloud, you can see that Google itself is very much an engineering company, so we actually need partners like Deloitte to really provide the added value on top of our technique to the customers. With great power comes great responsibility right? So it's very important to talk about 'what is the ethical part of the story' and that is where Deloitte comes in handy, as they have a great story around that. The main thing I'm hoping to get out is to inspire our customers - to show the great work we're doing with our partners." - Nino de Rijk | Partner Business Manager, Google Cloud

Deloitte x Google Cloud – Summit Amsterdam 2019

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