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A practical guide to IDMP preparations

Essential next steps to maximise the benefits of a data-driven future

IDMP is more than just a regulatory mandate. It is an unprecedented opportunity to transform regulatory product data management and unlock new efficiencies. In this whitepaper we present the next steps for aligning technology, process, operating models, change activities, and data strategies to maximise benefits.

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The first step in making the most out of IDMP is to understand the scale and breadth of change required to operate efficiently and to optimal effect in the new world. Second, since IDMP regulations will continue to evolve and have the potential to support a wide range of use cases, it will be important to maintain agility in order to maximise that potential. For each pharma organisation, the IDMP challenge has multiple dimensions. It involves adopting new technology, adjusting process and operating models, making organisational changes linked to roles and responsibilities, and most importantly, implementing new approaches to data management given that a growing range of outcomes will depend on data quality.

In this whitepaper we explain specific actions related to each dimension that will help companies make the most of their IDMP preparations.

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