Accelerating the Energy Transition


Accelerating the Energy Transition

An interview series by Anne Huibrechtse around the Energy Transition

One of the big opportunities of our time is building a new business around the Energy Transition (Energietransitie). Since the Paris Agreements, society as a whole is committed to taking measures to reach the 2050 goals to combat climate change. The Energy Transition brings major opportunities to innovate and grow businesses in this market. The challenge is how to build this new business and who should be involved in what way. This is a complex journey, but every journey starts with a first step.

Energy Transition interview series

In this interview series we show a few inspiring examples of companies that are taking steps towards the Energy Transition. In each interview, a company highlights a project that will bring us one step closer to the 2050 Paris goals. Besides that, each company addresses the opportunities and challenges that arise around the Energy Transition. 

1. The Energy Transition accelerates with the light solution of Philips Lighting

2. The Energy Transition accelerates through the Solar-program of FrieslandCampina

3. The Energy Transition accelerates through the Van Oord offshore windprogram

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