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Accelerating the Energy Transition

Using smart and innovative methods designed to fast-forward change in organizations

Deloitte Sustainability Services organized a very successful Energy Transition Lab in the Greenhouse in Amsterdam last year. Sustainability professionals from progressive companies such as ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam and Siemens were invited together with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to come up with bold moves to accelerate the energy transition with their companies. The innovative and creative session is the first step to developing energy transition initiatives, and has enabled the participants to contribute to the realization of the energy transition within the Netherlands.

The importance of Energy Transition

Now that the world faces so many global challenges, organizations are looking for ways to reduce the space that they need for their social and ecological footprint while creating value for all of their stakeholders. Besides that, many organizations are looking to ensure business continuity while resources are becoming scarcer every day. Organizations will therefore need to find the most optimal alternatives for fossil fuels, often referred to as the Energy Transition. The importance of the Energy Transition is significant, as it affects corporate business models, taxes, the millennials and the built environment, amongst others. Furthermore, the Energy Transition can be seen as part of the road to a Circular Economy, which creates consciousness. As the challenge is very complex and involves numerous stakeholders, collaborations are key. One of these collaborations is the Dutch Energy Transition Coalition, with companies such as Shell, Port of Rotterdam, Van Oord and Eneco.

As a member of the Energy Transition Coalition, Deloitte Sustainability Services strives to accelerate the Energy Transition in the Netherlands. In order to do so, Deloitte regularly organizes events to keep the coalition updated on the latest developments in the field of sustainability. Furthermore, Deloitte often collaborates with the partner organizations to ensure the realization of the goals set in the Paris Climate Agreement. An example of such an event is the Energy Transition Lab, a series of three events that contributes to the realization of the Energy Transition. As Deloitte believes that everyone in every position can make an impact, the three sessions focus on the individual employee, the company and the system the organization operates in. The first session was recently organized in The Edge with ABN Amro, Siemens, the Port of Rotterdam, and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Deloitte Energy Transition Lab

The Deloitte Labs are a smart and innovative method to fast-forward change in organizations. The Labs are most effective for complex cases with multiple (internal or external) stakeholders, such as the Energy Transition. The Deloitte Energy Transition Labs are held in one of the Deloitte Greenhouses, using consciously designed experiences where every element is carefully crafted to help clients create a breakthrough. The result is a hands-on action plan that translates long-term goals into short-term actions, while delivering results on a regular base.

The main question for the first lab was: How can I support my own organization in my role to further realize the energy transition? After a lunch and a tour through the Edge, the sustainability experts from the participating organizations started their journey in the Greenhouse. Intensive brainstorm sessions and guided exercises enabled the participants to become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They were encouraged to look for long-term sustainable solutions, making a great impact on society, the environment and the organization itself. Out of the box thinking led to many new insights and. At the end of the day, a practical plan to accelerate the energy transition became clear.

Common challenges

From the results it appeared that there were quite some challenges that the participating organizations had in common. A returning question is, for example, how to embed energy transition better in the organization. Another big challenge is creating a viable business case for energy transition, and how the professionals should communicate the challenges and results of the process internally and externally.

The Energy Transition Lab is a good example of Deloitte Sustainability Services offerings. It is a unique and innovative method to deal with difficult challenges that cannot be solved by having passive meetings. As this was the first lab in a series of three, we are looking forward to further dive into the realization of the Energy Transition on an organizational level in the next lab, in cooperation with the Energy Transition Coalition. 


More information?

If you are interested in a tailored Lab for a complex sustainability challenge your organization faces, please feel free to contact Anne Huibrechtse-Truijens via / +31882882071. If you are interested in Deloitte Greenhouse, visit the Greenhouse webpage and watch the video below.

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