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Co-creating the next operating system for our society

At the blockchain Hackathon in Groningen

During the Blockchaingers Hackathon, 63 teams worked for 48 hours to create the most impactful blockchain based solutions to solve global challenges. Being the world’s largest physical Hackathon, the finale unfolded with 1000 blockchain enthusiasts in the crowd, thrilled to hear which solutions would be awarded with a total of 100.000 in prize money and deemed as most impactful for our society!

Building the future in a weekend

To give an insight into how motivated everyone was; the competing teams worked from Friday evening until Sunday morning on their solutions. Not surprisingly, the motivation had to be high – going home with the price would become difficult, if not impossible. Beyond a financial reward, contributing to solutions that can change the world is of course a fantastic incentive.

The energy was palpable, the air electric and the people ecstatic. From start-ups, corporates, student teams to teams consisting of friends, everyone interested in the blockchain space beyond cryptos alone was there. With roughly 1 in 3 of the participants coming from foreign countries, the hackathon certainly delivered on being a divers, sprawling hub of creativity and different perspectives.

And while the rest of the Netherlands was spending the first good weather weekend outside, 500 blockchainger participants spent the weekend in the old sugar factory on the edge of Groningen to build solutions that will change society. Where most teams start the weekend with a clear idea of their solution, over the weekend they move over a curve going from intense excitement over a break-through in their solution to desperation when being stuck, shaping, twisting and tweaking their ideas. With the help of over 150 jedi (coaches) and track sponsors the teams delivered on the challenges that are felt every day in the lives of the track sponsors.

The winning blockchain solutions

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… and it’s done! Close your laptop, put down your pen! The final hours, minutes have passed in which the teams prepared their pitch, created their canvasses and set up their demos. In the last hours the super-accelerators pass-by every team for a 10 minute pitch. And then, after an intense afternoon of judging the moment is there…

With big names on stage like Vinay Gupta (early father of the Ethereum foundation), Raymond Knops (Dutch State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations) and Antonio Senatore (the Deloitte technical lead of the EMEA blockchain lab in Dublin), to announce the winners. And while there were many brilliant solutions, these were the ones that stood out:

In the Global Digital Identity Track the winning team, Unchain, created a tracking solution for medication, focused on the African market to prove its provenance, solving both issues around fraud as well as health and logistics.

In the Health track the Consense team created a marketplace where researchers and patients can find each other and where patients can contribute their data while remaining private and understanding what happens to their data.

The team of built a solution in the Energy track to enable efficient and real-time switching between energy companies, where at this moment the consumer gets stuck with power, having with high costs and communication between providers going wrong.

In the Digital Nation Infrastructure track TheLedger team developed a conscious house that is able to track its own life cycle and can make maintenance decisions.

On a totally different level was the Machine-to-Machine economy track, focused on creating an autonomously operating economy. The Kryha team won first prize with creating an ecosystem where drones can autonomously collaborate and solve issues like search and rescue.

Under close eye of the police the Public Safety track awarded the first prize to the team Cell Block 42 that created a system to track the production of weed till its end user in an anonymous way to ultimately reduce organized crime.

Finally in the Pensions track the winning team FHICT changers, focused on motivating millennials to be more interested in pensions by creating micropayments and predicting the future value.

The Deloitters

As Deloitte we participated with 5 teams in the Public Safety, Identity, Machine-to-machine economy, Digital Nation Infrastructure and Health track. The solutions that were created focused on the secure transfer of documents between police and house of justice, identity connected to farm land in Zimbabwe for the Identity case, a drone economy for the delivery of emergency goods, co-owned heat pumps in the Groningen to prevent gas usage and a digital vaccination booklet. We are proud of the solutions that were created and support the ideas to be further developed in-house.

Supporting innovation

‘We can’t talk about blockchain all the time, we have to talk about what it’s doing. We have to think through how this is changing society for the better, because we do have to take everybody along’, said prince Constantijn as one of the keynote speakers before the finale.

This is exactly why Deloitte is proud sponsor of the hackathon. We can only create the future by building it and showing people how we change society. For us, being part of the ecosystem, supporting real innovation to sprout, and invest in disruptive technologies like blockchain is key. The solutions that were built in only a weekend time show us how fast change can happen, how much potential is in this technology and how we make an impact that matters!

More information?

For more information on blockchain technology or the Blockchaingers hackathon, contact Jacob Boersma or Anna Klapwijk on their contact details below.

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