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Getting ready for the Blockchaingers Hackathon 

The pre-event at Deloitte, Maastoren Rotterdam

During the first weekend of April, the largest blockchain hackathon will be held for the second time. 63 teams will compete in Groningen to build the most impactful, robust and innovative blockchain technology solutions. People from all over the world come together to connect, shape and build the blockchain technology ecosystem that will become the future.

Anna Klapwijk | April 5 2018

Getting ready for the hackathon: the pre-event

It is a month before the world's largest blockchain hackathon and we’re at the Deloitte HQ in the Rotterdam Maastoren. Over 150 people, some participants and some potential – but all blockchain technology enthusiast – gathered for the last event before the Blockchaingers hackathon. The energy is palpable. The pre-event attracts an exciting mix of different people from the blockchain technology community, resulting in a room filled with developers, designers, business kids, data wizards, storytellers, sponsors and experts. They all share the same fascination and interest for blockchain technology, and, most importantly, the drive to solve real-world problems.

Building the blockchain technology future together

“This is where it will happen, this is where we build the future” – says the team organising the hackathon. Just like many others, they see the potential of blockchain technology to fundamentally change many industries. But rather than talking about how blockchain technology may affect industries, this event is focused on building and developing actual change – providing an example to the organisations' statement that the hackathon is much more than a weekend full of fun. The hackathon may be the biggest event, but most of all it is an integral part of an innovation programme. With 11 events around the hackathon, not only the winners, but all teams with potential can find support to progress with their ideas. Innovation doesn’t happen in a day and it doesn’t happen in isolation.

Preparing the participants

During the evening long program of the pre-event, the participants were fed with tips & tricks from previous (multiple) hackathon winners and from companies who gave their vision of how blockchain technology can be implemented successfully, sharing their business cases as examples. The organisation energizing the crowd with the details of the hackathon, how sweet is that the event takes place in the old sugar factory (pun intended) in Groningen?! And that teams get specialized support from jedi (coaches). As a sponsor of the event, Deloitte will contribute by bringing our best jedi to the event as well as competing in teams.

Creating answers to real world problems

The tracks cover the fields of energy, health, pensions, identity, public safety, machine-to-machine economy and digital nation infrastructure. Each track sponsor looks forward into the future and elaborates on the challenges they face today and tomorrow. Pressing, complicated and challenging question arise: How can we deal effectively with the increase in cybercrime? How do we facilitate hospital-at-home care? How do you identify people with no papers or certificates? How can we ensure our pensions in the future? What should we build to facilitate smart grids for the energy industry? What if machines can run autonomously, creating a self-running and organizing machine economy? How can we build crazy ideas that change the world? Even though there are no simple answers to these questions, what becomes evident is that we have to answer them together.

The track sponsors are reaching out to the teams to collectively work on these challenges, supporting them with data, experts and APIs to have them build solutions that have the greatest chance of making a change in the world.

The admission closed at midnight after the pre-event, the final teams are being submitted, and preparation can begin! Teams are multidisciplinary and manifest a strong motivation to participate. The curation has been tough, but only the best will be admitted.

Feel the brainpower at the hackathon

It is the 6th of April. A big red button is pushed, and we’re off! The 63 teams will work day and night to crack these challenges. For two and half days the teams will crack their brains on these quests. If brainpower could be transferred into energy, this weekend it would probably generate enough power to light the entire city of Groningen. And of course, at the end of the weekend there will be winners. 100.000 euros in prize money will be awarded to the most impactful, innovative and successful teams.

Deloitte as a proud supporter

For Deloitte this is an important event. This is where ideas sprout, this is where innovation happens, thís is where we make an impact that matters! For the second time, Deloitte is a sponsor of the hackathon and proud to have hosted the pre-event at our office in Rotterdam. Blockchain technology is something Deloitte has recognized as an important disruptive technology. It is an honour to be able to support the space and the people, Deloitters and others, that create the blockchain ecosystem.

More information?

For more information about blockchain technology or the hackathon, contact Jacob Boersma or Anna Klapwijk on their contact details below.

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