Can women help to bridge the cyber skills gap?


Can women help to bridge the cyber skills gap?

Looking beyond the traditional talent pool in cyber security

New and emerging technologies offer wonderful opportunities to improve the world around us, but they also bring a new set of cyber risks. Given the soaring headcount requirement in the field of cyber security, it’s time to look beyond the traditional talent pool. For instance, to women, who are still heavily underrepresented, even though they represent a vast untapped potential.

Cyber as a competitive edge

Emerging technologies will improve our connectivity. However, they also bring a new set of cyber risks. Organisations that properly address these risks will have a huge competitive edge. Those who ignore them, could eventually lose capital as well as stakeholder trust.

Can women help to bridge the cyber skills gap?

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How to populate cyber security teams?

The key challenge in this area is talent. All around the world, the cyber security workforce is underskilled and undersized. Who is going to populate the future cyber security army? Preferably, people with knowledge of cyber security as well as the industry they work in. As there is no degree course in this field, recruitment strategies should attract talent that is already working on the cutting edge of multiple disciplines.

Out of the box

One group that is often overlooked is women. They currently hold only 20% of positions in cyber security. In order to fill the ranks, recruitment and retention departments need to learn to think “out of the box”. For more detail about the new set of risks and how to bridge the talent gap in cyber, please read Dana Spataru’s article here. Dana is partner at Deloitte Cyber Risk Services and Lead Global Emerging Technologies security team. Also, she is European coordinator of Deloitte’s Women in Cyber community, which offers Deloitte women a networking and support platform where they can share knowledge and accomplishments and solve challenges together.

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