Cyber Intelligence Center


Cyber Intelligence Center

Enter our world of cyber security

The Cyber Intelligence Center in the Netherlands provides local business knowledge and language skills on top of the global insights from our worldwide network of Cyber Intelligence Centers. We provide end-to-end Managed Cyber Security Services that enable businesses to manage cyber risks and related threats.

Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Center - aftermovie launch June 2016

What is the Cyber Intelligence Center?

Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Center consists of a highly secured office environment from which Deloitte Cyber Security specialists perform their confidential work for Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security Monitoring, Hacking-as-a-Service, Incident Response and Red Teaming. Using state-of-the-art technology we test or monitor (illegal) access to our client’s digital crown jewels in order to manage risk and strengthen cyber resilience. Our Cyber Intelligence Center offers a platform to keep businesses secure, vigilant and resilient.



It is important that organizations deliberately decide what needs tight security and what can be secured through standard means. Through a risk-based analysis, your organization will be able to determine what to focus on in terms of vigilance and resilience.

We help you to establish controls and processes around your most sensitive assets, balancing the need to reduce risk, while also helping to enable productivity, business growth, and cost optimization objectives. Change and innovation don’t have to be the enemy of security.

The Internet of Things: how to innovate towards 2020?

The Internet of Things is expanding rapidly. It changes the way businesses and consumers operate, rewiring business, government, and society. Safeguarding product safety, security and privacy are essential to gain trust of society and speed up innovation. What does the full IoT eco-system contain, and how should security and privacy by design be integrated to provide competitive advantage using IoT?

More information in our video on IoT and security & privacy by design.

The Internet of Things


Cyber incidents are manifested not only via technology systems, but also in business/ organizational processes and transactions. Being vigilant requires more than guarding the perimeter of your IT infrastructure. Based on a deep understanding of the external threat landscape of the organization as well as the internal environment, systems, applications, processes and people need to be monitored so attacks are detected in a timely manner and your organization is able to respond.

With our Vigilant services we leverage deep experience with analytic and correlation technologies to help you to develop monitoring capabilities focused on critical business processes. By integrating threat data, IT data, and business data, security teams are equipped with context-rich alerts to help prioritize incident handling and streamline incident investigation. You can’t respond to threats you can’t see.



In order to rebound stronger after an incident occurs, it is crucial that organizations are well prepared for attacks. This involves building capabilities that are geared to minimize impacts on performance, restoring technological integrity, and rebuilding confidence with a broad range of stakeholders including customers, business partners, regulators, employees, et al.

Given the ever-changing nature and complexity of today's business ecosystems, the technology environments and cyber threat environments, business leaders are beginning to accept that not all cyber incidents can be prevented. Resilient services help clients to be prepared. Don't wait until a cyber-attack happens.


Incident response: resilience takes practice

Read more about resilience and how to respond to cyber incidents: is preparation part of normal routine or are you trying your luck?

More information on the Cyber Intelligence Center?

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