Extend your laser-sharp business focus to cyber risk


Extend your laser-sharp business focus to cyber risk

Secure your processes so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

With all the new developments occurring fast in your start-up or scale-up company, cyber risk may be one challenge you just can’t get on top of. Devence is here to help you get comfortable with it, through an all-in-one platform offering a real-time, actionable view of your risk status, so you can clearly see what to do next.

New and innovative digital tools, services and platforms are irreversibly changing the world. It’s a game-changing moment for technology-driven start-ups and scale-ups – one we should treat with celebration, but not without caution.

Most of these companies are scaling up their business models, as they sniff around for new opportunities. They’re constantly testing new features to nail the product-market fit and grow bigger, further…even internationally. But will that expansion be sustainable? And is it happening in a responsible way? Take this moment, this opportunity, to extend your laser-sharp business focus to cyber risk. Because any growth can easily erode without resilience.

At Devence, we’re well aware of how expansion can eclipse other priorities. As a start-up or scale-up, you may not have the time – or the people – to check for vulnerabilities, ensure the data you’re handling is safe and answer to clients about what measures you’re taking. That’s why Devence takes the hassle out of cyber security, letting you concentrate on your innovative solutions and growing your business.

Speed over perfection: The digital economy’s dangerous paradigm

Generally speaking, start-ups and scale-ups are focused on rapid growth. Speeding forward with a lot of publicity and without guardrails is could end up in a crash, because attackers are looking for ways to access the sensitive information your company holds. You need checks and balances in place, to protect your data, your company and your potential to expand.

Although a large part of many companies is stored in pure data, proper cyber defence is needed to accelerate in a responsible way. You might be aware of the looming threats, but there’s rarely sufficient time or knowledge to face them head-on. Or maybe you perceive defence measures as holding back innovation, and security personnel as too costly. But society, your clients and your investors have high expectations. Individuals and organisations alike expect the careful handling of data

Delay brings a big debt (and less sustainable growth)

Even if security isn’t fully on your radar now, it will be. Maybe the trigger will come from potential investors, regulators or other parties seeking assurance that you’ve got things sealed up. Or maybe it will come from clients you work with, or want to work with. Hopefully it won’t involve a security compromise, or a near-miss. Shouldn’t you be the one pulling the trigger?

Factoring in security later is costly and complex. You might already have legacy technologies, or your network might harbour vulnerabilities, waiting to be exploited and derail operations. A prescient infrastructure permits sustainable growth, not just quick fixes.

Bringing risk into focus

We get it. With all the new developments occurring fast in your company, cyber risk may be a challenge. Devence is here to help you get comfortable with it, through an actionable view of your risk status, so you can clearly see what to do next. This might include:

  • Creating a ‘locked entrance’ by scanning services that are connected to the internet and checking for vulnerabilities
  • Implementing a ‘locked back-door’ by scanning your products’ source code, lowering the chance of vulnerable products in production
  • Building a dependable foundation by scanning and reporting internal (cloud) infrastructure configuration issues and vulnerabilities.

Starting with an assessment, Devence can help you get prepared and give you more insight. And once you’re on the track, we will help you stay the course by giving a clear, actionable picture of your business and improvement areas.

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