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Taking a customer-centric approach to a data breach

Insights from crisis response

With reports of cyber incidents dominating our news with increasing regularity, few organisations would deny their growing concern that it may now be a case of when, not if the next data breach headline carries their name.

"Once the data has gone, it's the customers who need protection."

How to protect your customers?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has shone a light on how businesses prepare for and respond to a data breach. But when faced with such an incident, many firms will instinctively focus their resource and efforts on containing the breach, rather than on their most important asset – their customers.

As the very visible outcome of the breach takes hold, organisations with significant customer databases that do not prioritise customer needs risk magnifying the crisis exponentially.

Failing to manage the customer impact is likely to not only trigger headline – grabbing regulatory fines but also customer loss – potentially impacting both the value and reputation of the brand, increasing the risk of executive resignations and accelerating the pace of a doubtless already plummeting share price.

So if the worst does occur, how can businesses ensure they are ready to respond and protect their customers?

As one of a series of crisis response insight articles from Deloitte, this paper looks at the customer‑related challenges organisations now face in light of GDPR and identifies the factors which contribute to an effective, customer‑centric response.

Download the report via the blue button below and read more about the pre-breach and post-breach:

  • Pre-breach: preparing for the invitable
  • Post-breach: minimising the impact for customers
Taking a customer-centric approach to a data breach

“From the moment a business realises it has fallen victim to a data breach, the clock starts ticking.”

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