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Data Driven Internal Audit

What to do Monday 9AM

Internal Audit (IA) continues to have a crucial role to play in providing assurance, advice and risk anticipation as management navigate what is the most challenging of situations. Most Internal Audit departments have already started their data-driven journey and are leveraging data analytics.

Your challenge

What we see is that some of these departments have failed, most of them are struggling or find it challenging. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but we do know the main components and steps to help you find the right approach for your organization.

Our approach

We have created a point of view which covers the main topics in our approach for a more data driven Internal Audit Function. A successful approach starts by getting clarity on three key aspects: Data maturity of the organization, Organizational governance and Risk governance. We described the journey and the maturity steps that will assist you in your journey to become more data driven with your Internal Audit department.

Please download our point of view and reach out if you have any further questions.

Read our POV on how to become a (more) data-driven IA function

Why us

Our team is utilizing the years of experience and lessons learnt working with various IA functions. By working closely together with your team we can support you in your journey to become a data-driven IA function.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte is the one-stop service provider for all of your data and technology related challenges and helps your organization to become insight driven. This in combination with our experience in executing and supporting (internal) audits makes us the right partner for all your Data driven Internal Audit questions. We have over 10,000 experienced Data & Risk Analytics professionals in our worldwide network and over 100,000 experienced Risk Advisory professionals. Our multidisciplinary teams have extensive technological capabilities, global experience and industry-specific knowledge. We have a worldwide network with hundreds of analytics solutions each of which we can customize for your organization.

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