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Our view on achieving excellent and trustworthy AI

Bringing AI in line with fundamental European values

Deloitte has responded to the European Commission’s white paper on AI. By doing so, we aim to help shape the EU’s policy and regulatory framework for AI – The response includes input from our clients and Europewide Deloitte experts.

When the European Commission published its white paper on AI last February, it came with an explicit invitation to interested parties to participate in a public consultation. With our extensive experience and expertise in this field, we feld both called upon and qualified to respond - but not without first touching base with our entrie ecosystem.

The white paper in brief

In its white paper, the Commission is by no means shying away from artificial intelligence. The idea is for Europe to be globally competitive in this discipline, but also to strike a balance between innovation and protection of EU values like autonomy, privacy, democracy and human dignity, resulting in a European-style “trustworthy AI” brand. The paper identifies potential for AI as an accelerator of progress on Sustainable Development Goals and an enabler of the Green Deal. Member states are called upon to pool their efforts, thus avoiding fragmentation, with an outline given of what the much-needed EU-wide AI regulation scheme might look like.

Our purpose

The EC’s invitation to participate in a public consultation triggered immediate
action in the Deloitte Digital Ethics team. By responding, we aim to help shape the EU’s policy and regulatory framework for AI. The paper and the consultation survey were discussed within the team along with a broad range of Deloitte in-house experts in disciplines such as AI, IT, cyber security, data analytics, risk modelling, privacy, legal and tax. To gather a European response, we collaborated with our Deloitte experts across Europe and enriched the Dutch response with feedback and additional insights from European colleagues.

Deloitte’s Cover Letter – Excellent and Trustworthy AI

Input from the ecosystem

On 11 May we've held a webinar titled ‘Beyond the crisis: Ethics of data and AI - The EC Whitepaper on AI “unpacked” through the lens of ethics’ featuring keynote speaker Dr Aimee van Wynsberghe, Associate Professor of Ethics and Technology at TU Delft, and Deloitte Senior Partner on cyber risk Sir Rob Wainwright, formerly Executive Director of Europol. It attracted a virtual audience of 150 participants from business and public sector organisations as well as academia. In an interactive setting, the audience could submit questions, which were addressed during the webinar. Polls during this session provided further valuable input for the final version of our response to the white paper.

The details of the regulatory framework for AI are only starting to take shape, but keeping records and data will be key.

– Aimee van Wynsberghe, Associate Professor of Ethics and Technology, TU Delft

The EU’s concept of “trustworthy AI” fits in with the broader concept of stakeholder capitalism, which involves building relationships of trust with all your stakeholders.

- Sir Rob Wainwright, Senior Partner on Cyber Risk Deloitte

Key messages

Deloitte has submitted its EU-level response to the white paper on AI along with a cover letter summarising its key messages. We see ‘trustworthy AI’ as a
multidimensional concept, in which economic, social, ecological and personal
ethics need to be considered. To create the desired European ‘ecosystem of excellence’ where AI SMEs can flourish, we believe in building skills and strengthening research (including first-class testing facilities). We also believe that effective regulation will help establish a level playing field, and - by encouraging innovation and providing proper incentives - can accelerate the development of new industries and technologies. We make suggestions for governance, compliance and assessment of high-risk AI applications. For non-high-risk applications, Deloitte endorses the EC’s intention of setting up a voluntary ‘trustworthy AI’ labelling system, and recommends that compliance is confirmed by a certified independent authority. 

Brainstorm with Deloitte experts

Would you like to know how AI can help your organisation achieve its goals, and what the ethical implications are? Are you confident that there is no bias in your data or algorithm? And are you concerned about the impact of the European Commission’s plans on your organisation? Whatever question you have, it is one we at Deloitte have already asked ourselves. Feel free to contact your Deloitte contact person or Hilary Richters, Annika Sponselee or Evert Haasdijk via the contact details below.

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