Risk management is a hungry beast that wants to devour your time


Managing privacy risks regarding the data you process could be time consuming

Three topics that should factor your approach

Managing risk fosters a more responsible business: signifying trust, credibility and resilience in the eyes of society, clients, employees, investors and regulators. Learn more about the topics that should factor into your risk management approach.

Time is precious, so you give it to what you value most. If your company is a start-up/scale-up, time typically goes toward perfecting your offering, and striving for growth. But have you found that the more you grow, the more complex your business becomes? What about the risk inherent in data handling – have you noticed it seems bigger than last year, or even yesterday? Growth shouldn’t be undermined by unmet legal obligations. Risk management is necessary. And it’s a hungry beast that wants to devour your time.
If you deal with people’s data, privacy should be your number-one priority. But you can lighten the ominous burden of needing to know the laws, and how to incorporate them into your data processes, if you take control over processing activities. This starts with a good understanding and overview of what information is being processed for what purpose, so you’re aware of your risks.

At Devence, we know first-hand how to bring the processing of personal data in line with privacy/compliance laws and ethical standards. We won’t tell you how to run things – you’re the expert there. But we’ll help you firm up your foundation when it comes to data privacy, which will boost your scalability, speed and credibility while you retain control of your data. And our analysis and approach offers an actionable view of your risk status, helping you see what to do next.

This new way of managing risk fosters a more responsible business: signifying trust, credibility and resilience in the eyes of society, clients, employees, investors and regulators. Here are a few topics that should factor into your approach…

Facilitating data subject requests

Do you think your users know why you’re processing their personal data? If they don’t, they’re free to exercise their right to make a data subject request and find out. This and other rights are conferred by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but your organisation must enable the execution of those rights, by having:

  • a good understanding of your processing activities, the location of data storage and the existence of any duplication through backups
  • a process that allows you to respond in a timely manner – if you lack an overall knowledge of information location and handling, or you don’t appropriately respond to a request, you could miss the GDPR-set response deadline.

Devence will sit down with you to discuss how your process is set up, and whether you need to beef up insights into data-handling activities to uphold subjects’ rights.

Privacy by design

We know your business is experiencing new developments and changes almost daily, especially in the design phase, but that’s exactly when you should be considering privacy requirements. You’ll benefit strongly by factoring these into your design, as early as possible, and part of this exercise should be timing Data Protection Impact Assessments to mitigate risks before they arise. If your design process doesn’t include privacy, let’s talk about how that can change so you can boost efficiency and quality.

Starting with an assessment, Devence can help you get prepared and give you more insight. And once you’re on the track, we will help you stay the course by giving a clear, actionable picture of your business and improvement areas.

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