EU GDPR Impact Survey


EU GDPR Impact Survey

What is the impact of the EU GDPR for organizations?

Please take the time to participate in this pivotal survey on the impact of the EU GDPR for organizations. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation for the European Union) will come into force from 25 of May 2018 and aims at stronger, harmonized rights of EU citizens regarding their personal data, impacting any organization dealing with such personal data. The full implications of the GDPR for organizations is not yet clear and this survey aims to identify the impact that organizations expect.

The survey contains only 10 mandatory questions (marked with an asterisk *) with some more detailed underlying questions and should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete. The first set of questions concerns the nature of your organization. Then follow some questions asking for (1) your perspective on the importance of privacy for your organization, (2) the GDPR-compliance gap for your organization, (3) expected investments to be made by your organization and finally (4) the expected net impact from the GDPR for your organization. 

Based on this survey, the expected impact of the GDPR for various types of organizations will become clear and we will summarize the results of this survey in a comprehensive and public report. Through this report you will be able to identify your organization's position relative to other organizations. To receive early notification of the release of this report, please leave your email at the end of this survey. Be assured that all responses you provide will be kept confidential. 

(For further details and background, we refer to EU GDPR legal text or any of the other excellent resources available on the web like Wikipedia.)


EU GDPR Impact Survey

Please take the time to participate in this pivotal survey om the impact of the EU GDPR for organizations.

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