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GDPR 6 Months on: a new era for Privacy

Benchmark survey report

Six months on from the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) coming into force, GDPR is having the desired effect with a largely positive impact on consumer opinion in relation to personal data being collected and stored by organisations. This report discusses the impact GDPR is having on organisations and how consumer perceptions and behaviours are changing as a result.

GDPR benchmark survey report

The GDPR has now been enforceable for six months, but so far has it had the impact the regulators desired, and the public appear to crave, in enhancing individuals’ privacy? To understand this, Deloitte surveyed a sample of both consumers and organisations across 11 countries within and outside the EU to gain insights into attitudes towards privacy since GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018.

Our survey indicates that consumer awareness has risen, 58% now reporting to take more caution when sharing their personal information online than pre-GDPR, and 48% of organisations have invested significantly to improve their compliance. The survey also reveals some contrasting observations – five of these insights are outlined below.

  • Privacy is a global concern - a significant change under GDPR is its reach beyond the EU to place requirements on all organisations handling personal data on EU data subjects.
  • Trust is key - individuals share data more openly with organisations they trust. They are also less likely to leave or challenge an organisation they trust if it has a breach, or exercise their rights.
  • Consumer centricity is not yet there - individuals’ level of trust is increased through being put in control of their data; however, most people do not feel GDPR programmes have done enough to increase the control they have over their data.
  • Consumer action doesn't follow perception - while the perception and importance of privacy is on the increase, consumer actions are still slow to follow suit.
  • Talent matters - most organisations have increased their team size to manage privacy compliance, but many still see challenges in headcount and reaching appropriate capacity.
GDPR 6 months on: benchmark survey

Webinar recording and slides: GDPR 6 months on

We discussed the findings of the GDPR survey in a webinar on 4 December.

The recording and slides of the webinar are available below:

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