GDPR was fun, now what?


GDPR was fun, now what

There is something new coming, and it’s huge.

Are you ready for ‘the next big thing’? Because there is something coming our way and it’s huge. What is it? It’s one of the biggest EU regulatory initiatives of the coming years and it will impact all of us. That means people, businesses, governments and basically the society at large.


Everything we do nowadays is digital. The way we work, the way we communicate, the way we do our shopping, and even the way we try to find love; there is a digital solution for everything! And it’s not just apps that make our lives easier. There is a whole range of Digital Technologies being deployed these days, from artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to robots, to connected devices in the Internet of Things… the list goes on and on!

Digitalization has been the driver for our recent societal- and economic development and it will continue to be. With all the opportunities and benefits these developments bring, there is an increasing demand for a well-defined vision and direction and for well-defined objectives on how to best make use of these Digital Technologies. Because with the fundamental changes, we see there is a strong need for good policy, investments, and regulations. To this end, the European Commission has developed a plan for the coming decade: a digital transformation creating a Europe fit for the Digital Age.

Europe’s Digital Decade

In order to guide the human-centered digital transformation of Europe, the European Union put forward a Declaration of Digital Principles meant to show the "European way" towards a digital society. Solidarity, inclusion, freedom of choice, security, and sustainability are just a few of the guiding principles towards a fair online environment.

To materialize its vision of the digital future, the Commission has set ambitious goals centered around four key areas: governments, infrastructure, businesses, and digital skills. The European Strategy revolves around four cardinal points with corresponding objectives, the Commission’s Digital Compass.

Under the tagline ''Europe`s Digital Decade'', we are looking forward to a safer, greener, and more resilient future marked by Europe`s aspiration of digital sovereignty. The EU will do this by investing in opportunities and setting rules to reduce risks for European citizens. This results in one of the largest regulatory initiatives in the history of the Union.

When determining how to best regulate Digital Technologies, the EU is looking closely at one of its most recent regulatory successes, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). New regulations and directives are shaped along the same lines and methods as this recent Regulation on the protection of personal data. Over a dozen regulations will regulate markets, services, product development, marketing, AI, sales, manufacturing, infrastructures, and so on. Nothing will stay untouched and, just as with the GDPR, this results in a challenge in finding our way through rules, technologies, and organizational challenges.

How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte is determined, prepared, and well-equipped to navigate you through this coming period with information, translations, and solutions for your organization. We will continue to combine our legal, technical, and organizational skills and expertise to cope with this tsunami of digital regulations.

So, are you ready to navigate Europe's new digital environment?

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