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Generating value within the Risk Ecosystem

Risk powers performance

Disruption and volatility are impacting today’s business climate. Chief Risk Officers and risk executives function in a Risk Ecosystem, where addressing strategic and tactical risks can lead to significant opportunities and value generation. Which roles do they play, and what impact do they have?

Turning risk into a performance lever

By understanding risk more precisely at every level of the organisation, businesses can exploit these new market dynamics and create a distinct advantage, turning risk into a value proposition.

This publication provides a framework to address the issues, trends and questions CROs and other risk professionals may encounter within their eco-system.

Generating value within the Risk Ecosystem

Key questions for risk leaders

CRO and enterprise risk strategy

  • Do we need to transform our strategic risk management capabilities? Do we have the right risk culture in our organisation? 
  • What types of disruptions are we likely to face? What threats or opportunities do these disruptions pose? 
  • How quickly could we recover when faced with a crisis situation? 
  • Do we have effective risk monitoring in place at all levels? Are we prepared for any external or internal risks that require a quick response?

Board and C-suite

  • How can we break the cycles of over-compliance and non-compliance? 
  • Is our organisation setup to monitor and manage risks cross-functionally? Are we effectively tracking meaningful key performance indicators? 
  • Do we effectively communicate the need for change and the risk of not changing?


  • Do we have an accountability framework in place to address the most relevant risks?
  • Do our performance evaluation and reward systems encourage appropriate risk appetite and risk control? 
  • Do we have the right level of organisational readiness to collaborate across the business? 
  • Do we understand our critical data and application and how they are protected?

Global subsidiaries

  • Has our organisation completed a comprehensive third-party risk assessment and, if so, what are the most significant risks we are facing?
  • How can we proactively identify, assess, prioritise and manage risks across the whole organisation? 
  • Do you have the structure in place to trust your subsidiaries?

Corporate culture and behaviour

  • Are we open to and allowing innovation? 
  • Does our culture nurture the right level of risk taking? 
  • What is our level of risk intelligence? 
  • How do we move from policies to principles? 
  • Have we implemented risk awareness effectively?

External environment

  • How might external uncertainties disrupt your organisation? 
  • What are the key trends and uncertainties that will shape the future of our industry? What risk will they present to us? 
  • Do we have the right relationships with our external stakeholders to ensure early awareness of potential risks?

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