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The Global CyberLympics and Cyber Security Week in the Netherlands

Deloitte is partner and co-host of these events

In the same week as the Europol - INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference and the EC-Council’s Global Cyberlympics final, a unique ‘Cyber Security Week’ will be held at several locations in the city of The Hague. During this week, The Hague is the center for the cyber security community. Deloitte is partner of this Cyber Security Week, which will be powered by The Hague Security Delta, and co-host of the Global CyberLympics. During this week (September 25-29) we organize multiple events.

Opening Cyber Security Week with Deloitte HackLab Kids - September 25th

Deloitte will organize the grand opening of the Cyber Security Week on Monday September 25th with a HackLab Kids. Deputy Mayor Saksia Bruines will open this event. With HackLab Kids Deloitte aims to have children take a peek into the life of a hacker.

The HackLab is an interesting event around cyber security, particularly for children from a primary school. They learn how to be a hacker and they find out what innovations the world is offering today and in the future. The children will be taught by Deloitte’s own hackers; champions of the Global CyberLympics. The programme will contain different kinds of demonstrations and the children will hack a computer network and work on social engineering. They will also get the opportunity to experiment with gadgets.

Registration: Invitation only.

More information: please go to the website of the Cyber Security Week or contact Chris Blommendaal.  

Student Hacking Contest, a CyberLympics event - September 25th

The Global CyberLympics will be held in the Hague during this week. As Deloitte is co-host of the Global CyberLympics we have the opportunity to organize a special edition of the CyberLympics, for students and for organizations.
The Cyberlympics student edition is a Capture the Flag (CTF) game in which teams of students compete against each other. The challenges for the teams are related to hacking in the broadest sense of the word and may require a variety of skills, such as knowledge about encryption and decryption, web application hacking, remote exploiting etc. The student teams are ideally multidisciplinary teams covering as much hacking areas as possible to make sure that they can solve all challenges.

Want to join this competition or looking for more information? Please go to the website of the Cyber Security Week or register directly.

Student Hacking contest. Register now!

Company Hacking contest, a CyberLympics event - September 26th

In the Cyberlympics for businesses, internal security teams of a variety of companies will compete against each other. Which team solves the highest number of challenges and is able to get itself placed in the top three? Instead of defending their business against attackers, the teams are on the other side this time, attacking a number of challenges during the Capture the Flag (CTF) event. Whether they are security officers, information risk managers or security consultants, in this game they work together to win.

Registration: Invitation only.

More information, please go to the website of the Cyber Security Week

Finals of the CyberLympics Wednesday September 27th

The EC-Council has announced that the Global CyberLympics 2017 finals will be held at The Hague in the Netherlands during Cyber Security Week (CSW). The finals will be co-hosted with Deloitte Netherlands, The Hague Security Delta, and the Municipality of The Hague. Theses partners, including Deloitte, helped the EC-Council in getting the finals to the Netherlands.

Global CyberLympics is an online ethical hacking, computer network defense game, dedicated to finding the top computer network defense teams. Teams are made up of 4 to 6 players, and each round serves as an elimination round until only winning teams remain.

Deloitte is one of the winners of the last years. Therefore one of the team members Henri Hambartsumyan was recently interviewed by the BBC

Deloitte CISO event September 28th

With the increasing ubiquity of technology and information and the growing opportunity for real-time borderless exchange, cybersecurity is a complex transnational issue that requires global cooperation for ensuring a secure and safe Internet. This event will bring together key public sector and business leaders, academia and policy-makers to discuss these existing challenges of cybersecurity in the modern world and how information security is increasingly influential on economic, social, and political developments. At this event you have the opportunity to meet other security experts and hear about best practices on cyber risk analytics, secure development and implementation of IoT devices, the main challenges around identity and access management, and more! The objective of this session is to think about how we can prepare ourselves for the current challenges in the cyber realm by adopting the best methodologies, models and benchmark data available.

Registration: Invitation only

More information, please go to the website of the Cyber Security Week

More information

Deloitte is partner of the Cyber Security Week 2017, which will take place from 25 -29 September in the city of The Hague (The Netherlands). During this week, The Hague will be the centre for the international cyber security community. Dozens of events will provide the opportunity to meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and pitch innovative ideas. The CSW is powered by The Hague Security Delta, the leading security cluster in Europe.

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