Healthcare robot Zora personifies healthcare digitization


Healthcare robot Zora personifies healthcare digitization

Who is healthcare robot Zora?

It’s been going on for a while now: the digitization of healthcare. You are likely to have heard about smartphone apps registering your everyday eating and drinking habits. But do you know about Zora? Zora is a humanoid care robot. She helps the elderly with their yoga exercises and joins kids in playing games. “Her affable character makes her a true buddy,” says Rob Peters, Senior Manager Innovation at Deloitte Netherlands. Deloitte is testing Zora’s security for the Belgian software company QBMT. We are happy to introduce her to you.

Healthcare robot Zora supports healthcare professionals

Healthcare robot Zora offers healthcare support – mostly to the elderly and children. She has been designed for support, not to replace healthcare professionals. We will still be needing them. The robot can take over certain tasks so healthcare professionals can devote their attention to the human aspect of healthcare.

“One option healthcare professionals have is to do a yoga exercise once and then have Zora repeat it. The healthcare professionals can then go on to offer one-on-one support,” Rob explains.

Impact of robotization on healthcare sector and economy

The Zora family includes about 150 robots right now and its numbers are growing. Apart from the Zoras, a host of other healthcare robots is available. Some of them show emotions, too – they can be used as a real buddy for lonely people. “Robots will be providing large-scale healthcare support in the future. This will go beyond yoga exercises and games and will include support during surgery. Some Dutch hospitals are already doing this,” Rob says.

The transformation of the healthcare sector involves the digitization of human processes and actions. Robotization is part of this and thus contributes to enhancing healthcare efficiency. “Robots can offer support where healthcare professionals would otherwise have to spend expensive hours. What’s more, if it is charged and has an active WiFi connection, Zora always works,” Rob explains.

Can healthcare robot Zora be trusted?

The surge of medical apps will change the healthcare world and offers the sector many benefits. Zora relies on apps too. Healthcare professionals often have questions about the security of apps, safeguarding privacy, and apps doing what they promise to do. Deloitte has designed Assuring Medical Apps to remove any anxieties and provide certainty. We will test several aspects of your app, such as CE, security, privacy and usability. 

More information?

Want to know more about Assuring Medical Apps? Please contact Rob Peters via +31 (0)88 288 2821.

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